return to monkey island characters meeting in a pirate ship

Return to Monkey Island characters – everyone we know

Have you been itching to find out what the story in Return to Monkey Island will be? We sure have been as well! Will the story follow directly from the end of Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck’s Revenge or go in an entirely different direction? But to tide us over, let’s take a look at the Return to Monkey Island characters.

Granted, we don’t have a lot of information yet, but with both Ron Gilbert and David Grossman busy doing a sort of “Monkey Island Monday” each week, slowly more and more details seem to come out and, well, with a bit of investigative work we can patch together and discover what characters await us.

We can’t wait to see who makes an appearance as Return to Monkey Island characters in the latest iteration of the point-and-click adventure series, so read on below to find out everything we know.

Return to Monkey Island characters

Below are all the Return to Monkey Island characters and what we know about them.


We all know and love the old grumpy talking skull, right? He made his debut in Curse of Monkey Island and it was the very first character to be featured in the original reveal trailer, so definitely one that has had fans talking. Gilbert was quick to assure everyone that Murray will come back and will stay in line with the later games.

The Lookout

Despite not being the most remembered of characters, it was the very first one we met at the beginning of the original The Secret of Monkey Island. Despite being quite shortsighted and not really the brightest of fellows, he had a good heart and seemed to be interested in seeing Guybrush succeed at becoming a great pirate.

The Storekeeper of Melee Island

Another classic character from the original game, he was one that Guybrush had to dupe and follow in order to find out where the Swordmaster was hiding. He’s quite a grumpy character, but then again he was 83 years old in the original game, so we can be sure he’s not really getting any younger! Nor probably easier to deal with…

Herman Toothrot

Now we’re talking! The lovely stranded on a desert island old man we’ve all come to know and love. Herman had a good heart, despite not being really all right in his old head. He has been a recurring character in several chapters of the series and his role is still not quite clear, so perhaps Gilbert will shed some light on dear Herman’s background.

Stan S. Stanman

Well, no Monkey Island would be complete without the presence of the used car salesman stereotype himself, Stan! The guy has been trying to sell us things ever since the first game, and Guybrush obliged him several times while trying not to be hypnotized by his constant hand waving and fluent talking of Stan. We can be sure that he will be back to sell us something else. Perhaps… NFTs?!

The Voodoo Lady

Another recurring character of the game and also quite a classic stereotype of the fascinating old woman who sits beside a big old pot where she conjures up all kinds of voodoo trinkets and magic. Well, she’s not quite old, but you get the drift. Despite a couple of disagreements with Guybrush, she always was helpful in going along with the man’s weird plans. Surely, this time she’ll help us too!

Captain Madison

A newcomer to Melee island and one of the various villains who came in the years since the first game’s event took place. We don’t really know much about this character yet, but we can be sure that as the new leader of the pirates on the island, surely they’ll be a pain in the rear for dear old Guybrush!

Judge Plank

Another newcomer to the series, he’s the legal official of Melee Island and presides over a court which is… well, how can we put it? A little empty, for sure. He also seems to take law quite seriously, as he should, while Guybrush is not really on the same page. Shenanigans will be afoot!

That’s all the Return to Monkey Island characters we know at the moment, we’ll be sure to update if we find out more. In the meantime, you might be wondering: when is the Return to Monkey Island release date? Find out with our other useful guides!