Remnant 2 World's Edge - A formidable mele weapon

Remnant 2 World’s Edge – how to get it

In the captivating world of Remnant 2, players are not only immersed in an enthralling non-linear storyline and a procedurally generated game world but are also provided with a wide array of powerful weapons. While some standard items can be easily obtained from local vendors in Ward 13, there are also secret weapons that require careful exploration of the game world. Among these coveted weapons is the Remnant 2 World’s Edge, but how to get it?

World’s Edge is one of the most formidable weapons in Remnant 2, thanks to its remarkable Horizon Strike Mode. This extraordinary mode allows your Charge Attacks to unleash a sweeping horizontal projectile, inflicting substantial damage upon multiple adversaries positioned directly ahead of you.

Let’s dive in and find out how to get Remnant 2 World’s Edge and make your next journey much easier.

How to get World’s Edge in Remnant 2

In order to obtain the powerful World’s Edge weapon in the game, you must complete the main storyline and defeat the formidable final boss, Annihilation, on the highly challenging Apocalypse difficulty level. After successfully meeting these prerequisites, you can purchase this weapon from Brabus’s shop, conveniently located in Ward 13, for a reasonable cost of 750 Scrap.

However, unlocking the Apocalypse difficulty is not an easy task. In order to gain access to this challenging mode, players must complete the game at least once, usually starting with the standard difficulty setting. After completing the entire campaign, the option to engage in the final race against the formidable Apocalypse version of Annihilation becomes accessible.

Why the World’s Edge is a must-have Weapon

The World’s Edge’s unparalleled power and unique abilities make it a must-have weapon for any Remnant 2 player seeking an advantage in combat. Its high base damage, combined with the substantial Weak Spot Damage bonus, allows players to deal devastating blows to enemies, especially when targeting their vulnerable points. The significant Stagger Modifier further adds to its effectiveness, providing the ability to interrupt enemy attacks and gain the upper hand in battle.

The weapon’s Horizon Strike Mode serves as a game-changer, enabling players to unleash devastating charged attacks that release wide, horizontal projectiles capable of penetrating multiple enemies. In situations where overwhelming numbers or resilient foes pose a threat, the Horizon Strike Mode proves invaluable, granting players the ability to inflict damage and stagger enemies before they can even reach close quarters.

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