Mineko's Night Market visitors - starting out in the game.

Mineko’s Night Market visitors guide

This Mineko’s Night Market visitors guide will go through all the visitors, where to find them, and how to invite them to the village. To get new visitors, you must find them and complete their quests. Some are pretty straightforward since they only require one item. However, others are a bit more complicated and’ll require some back and forth. Let’s go through all of them in turn.

Mineko's Night Market visitors - walking around town.

All visitors in Mineko’s Night Market and how to invite them

There are eight visitors in Mineko’s Night Market, and here’s where to find and invite them.

VisitorLocationInvite Requirements
EmThe Gardens – next to the zen gardenPush the rocks to the center of their respective circles, speak to Em, and bring her 24 Wood.
ItaoThe Docks – next to the bus stopBring him 20 pieces of Paper, wait one day, interact with him again, and take 12 Octo Pull Pamphlets to deliver them to 12 different people. Talk to Itao again, and he’ll move in.
KojiDark Forest – fishing at the lakeAfter talking with Koji, find Tak at the Docks next to Fred’s stall and select the dialogue options ‘I was talking to your son’. Next, you must select the following five dialogue options in order:
a. He said he works at Muffy’s Fish Shack
b. That was Ume Village, right?
c. He said he’s been here for 4 years.
d. Even through The Great Dog Infestation.
e. Koji’s Fish Shack sounds great
SugiharaThe Caves – entrancePick up the cog on the ground, and now you’ll need to find four machine parts. They are located in the following locations:
a. Teahouse at The Gardens
b. Cabin at the Dark Forest
c. Cat Statue at the Birch Forest
d. End of The Docks
Talk to Sugihara again and she’ll move to the village
Gertie The DocksBring Gertie a Sumi-e Flower Painting
BoOrchardBring him his Chef Hat, which can be bought from Ruby for $200
TomoeRock CavesBring Tomoe a Black Opal
TimmyBeachBring Timmy a Band Sign
MorikiBamboo ForestBring Moriki a Deluxe Bouquet

To summarize, there are eight unique visitors in Mineko’s Night Market, and you can get all of them by finding them at the aforementioned locations. Then, complete their quests by bringing them the items they want. Once completed, they’ll reward you with some items and move into the village. For more similar content, check out our Mineko’s Night Market fishing guide. Also, here are the best items to sell in Mineko’s Night Market.

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