Mineko's Night market fishing - catching fish at the docks.

Mineko’s Night Market fishing guide

This Mineko’s Night Market fishing guide will go through all 25 fish in the game and explain how to catch them easily. Fishing per se is extremely easy. The only tricky part is that some fish can only be caught in specific seasons and locations. This guide will go through all the fish in turn and explain where to find them easily.

Mineko's Night market fishing - fishing collection.

All fish and how to catch them in Mineko’s Night Market

Let’s go through all 25 fish in this Mineko’s Night Market fishing guide and showcase all the requirements you need to get them.

Blue Fin TunaAllDocks
Blue LobsterSummerForest
CatfishAllDocks, Frozen Lake
Conger EelAutumnFrozen Lake
CrabAllDocks, Forest
CuttlefishAllFrozen Lake
FlyingfishAllDocks, Forest
Goblin SharkWinterFrozen Lake
Gold CatfishAllFrozen Lake
JellyfishAllDocks, Forest
KoiAllFishing Booth
LobsterAllDocks, Forest
Rainbow TroutAllDocks
Red SnapperAllDocks
Sea BunnySummerDocks
SeaslugAllFrozen Lake
ShrimpAllDocks, Forest
SunfishAllFrozen Lake
Tancho KoiAllFishing Booth
UrchinAllDocks, Forest
Bottle (Junk)AllDocks, Forest, Frozen Lake
Wind-up Fish (Junk)AllDocks, Forest, Frozen Lake

The last two are junk and have no actual value. Other than those, most fish are easy to catch and have no special requirements. Thankfully, weather doesn’t matter when trying to catch specific fish. Some fish, like the Goblin Shark, may have a higher spawn chance when it’s raining/snowing, but they can be found even when it isn’t. Just ensure you’re in the right location during the proper season.

How to get all dyes in Mineko’s Night Market

You’ll need to catch specific fish to get dyes in Mineko’s Night Market. Here’s how to get all the dyes:

DyeRequired Fish
BlackCuttlefish, Octopus
BlueBlue Fin Tuna
RainbowRainbow Trout
RedRed Snapper

To summarize this Mineko’s Night Market fishing guide, there are 25 unique fish in the game and six dyes. As long as you check their preferred season and location, you can catch all fish without issue and get all dyes. Of course, there’s a high chance of getting junk, too, while fishing, like bottles. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything with junk. If you’re looking to make money, consider also checking out our guide on the best items to sell in Mineko’s Night Market.

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