How to sell cars in the crew 2 garage

How to sell cars in The Crew 2

We all like collecting stuff, don’t we? Especially if said stuff is basically free, then our worst hoarder spirits come alive and we start hoarding stuff. How many times have you found yourself burdened by useless stuff in Skyrim? I know I have. But sometimes, that’s just not possible, especially if we are collecting cars. So, how to sell cars in The Crew 2?

Perhaps you want to get some money, or perhaps you just found yourself swimming in vehicles (especially considering you can also collect planes and boats!) and you’d like to have a bit more space and less useless stuff in your garage.

So, let’s try to go to the bottom of this, here is how to sell cars in the Crew 2 so you won’t keep your garage stuffed up with old vehicles.

How to sell cars in The Crew 2

Unfortunately, it is not possible to sell cars in The Crew 2 – not even planes or boats. Any vehicles that you end up obtaining, be that through finishing a mission or other means (more or less legal!), it will be stuck in your garage forever and ever. But hey, good news, you can hoard as many vehicles as you want.

So, to make navigation easier in the tens or hundreds of vehicles that you have, we still have a good tip that might save you some time. As soon as you have found a car (or a plane or a boat) that you enjoy driving, mark it as favorite in your garage. That way, you’ll be able to have direct access to it and you won’t have to scroll page after page of useless vehicles.

We hope this little information can save you some time and be useful, in the meantime, if you are still on the road and looking for help, you might want to take a look at our Forza Motorsport 5 guides or perhaps, find out when Forza 6 is coming out.