Higan Eruthyll team composition - the best ones - battle in progress

Higan Eruthyll team composition – the best ones

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Higan: Eruthyll is the latest card-based SRPG developed and published by BILIBILI. It is generating a lot of buzz and is looking like one of the best games of its genre. In this guide, we will take you through the best Higan Eruthyll team composition.

During the soft launch in SEA, the sheer amount of content available in the game impressed many. According to the official website, the game has already amassed over 1 million pre-registrations on both platforms.

So, let’s get into the hype and find out the best Higan Eruthyll team composition so you can dominate.

What is the best team composition in Higan Eruthyll?

Moving on, we will delve into some of the best team compositions in Higan Eruthyll. The teams will consist of characters from a particular affinity. So, without further ado, here are the best team comps in the game:

  • Pyro DPS Lineup: Sirslet (DPS), Armand (Guardian), Rita (Utility), Screamer (Support)
  • Hydro DPS Lineup for Burst and Sustain: Liv (DPS/Support), Basell (Warrior), Black (DPS), Ume (Support)
  • Anemo DPS Lineup for Buff: Ciamkom (DPS), Mommel (Tank), Nuno (Support), Moetesju (Utility)
  • Lumino Lineup for Standard Front-to-Back: Rooco (Healer/Utility), Asa (Healer), Ceaser (Tank), Media (DPS)
  • Umbra Lineup for Debuff: Eluya (DPS), Glydan (Tank), Asa (Healer), Rooco (Healer/Utility)

Higan Eruthyll is a mobile game that belongs to the gacha game genre. Gacha games use a probability-based system called “Wish” to acquire characters. The probability of acquiring a character depends on its rarity. Higan Eruthyll has three different rarities of characters – 3-Star, 2-Star, and 1-Star. The higher the rarity, the lower the probability of being summoned. For instance, the highest rarity characters are available at the lowest possible rates, while the lowest rarity characters have the highest possible rates.

To elaborate on the character summoning rates, 3-Star Characters have a mere 2% probability of being summoned, while 2-Star Characters have a 19% probability of being summoned. On the other hand, 1-Star Characters have the highest probability of being summoned, which is 79%.

We hope that this guide helped you figure out some great team compositions for Higan Eruthyll. If you’d like to check out more guides on this game, here’s what the Inspiration Sigil is for. Also, why not try out a new game with our guide on Road 96 codes and phone numbers explained