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GYLT endings explained – how to get them

Gaming enthusiasts are well aware of the thrill and excitement that come with concluding a captivating game. In the case of GYLT, a hauntingly beautiful adventure game developed by Tequila Works, the endings hold a special significance. GYLT offers players multiple endings, each carrying its meaning and impact on the overall experience. In this guide, we will explore all the different GYLT endings and how to get them. 

The game features several different outcomes, which are based on Sally’s (or well, yours) decisions throughout the game. These endings determine the fate of the character and the overall resolution of the story.

Read on to know about all the different GYLT endings and how to get them. 

All GYLT endings and how to get them

GYLY offers different three endings based on the choices you make in the game. The outcome of the game depends only on one factor – who will ride the cable car. Let’s take a look at each ending and how to unlock them.

Happy Ending 

To achieve a satisfying conclusion, the player needs to save at least 10 characters by using blood quartz pieces scattered throughout the game. By doing so, at the end Sally shall have enough ticket fragments so, when she is prompted to choose who gets the only ticket, she generously hands it over to Emily. 

Just when it seems like all hope is lost, Charon steps in and creates a brand new ticket by combining the fragments. Sally and Emily then escape together, leaving this horrifying town behind their backs. Emily shows her gratitude towards Charon by offering him her beloved teddy bear.

Bad ending number 1

In order to get this ending, you will need to get Sally to sneak the ticket into Emily’s coat pocket. Doing this will cause Emily to be encouraged to get in the cable car. Sally knew that this was a grave decision, as she was left alone to face a horde of terrifying monsters with no chance of survival. 

Charon, the old man who had guided them thus far, also fades away, leaving Sally to her fate. The post-climactic climax occurs when Emily sadly returns to school without her dear cousin. Every now and then, Emily glances at a poster of Sally, who is still missing.

Bad Ending number 2

To get this ending, you will have to get Sally ultimately to board the cable car alone. Though some may view her actions as betraying her friend, Sally justifies herself, asserting that she is not to blame for Emily’s disappearance. Furthermore, Sally’s true motivation for embarking on this journey was rooted in her desire to return home with Emily in tow so that her fellow townsfolk would be more inclined to pardon her of her previous mistakes.

As Sally departs without Emily, she watches as a group of terrifying monsters begins to pursue her former companion. In a scene that is both heart-wrenching and tragic, Emily clings tightly to her stuffed teddy bear as she is left behind to fend for herself. Let’s all huddle together and cry.

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