God of War Ragnarok Kratos in cave

God of War Ragnarok length – how long to beat the sequel

Kratos is coming back and this time… he’s pissed. Well, wasn’t he always? But jokes aside, this time in the new God of War we’ll definitely see a major role played by his son, or at least so we think. While it is shaping up to be a longer game, we’re all asking one thing about God of War Ragnarok length – how long to beat the game?

We do remember the previous game in the series, which was rebooted by Sony Santa Monica as the original trilogy can now be considered over, was around 32 hours for a complete run-through, according to How Long to Beat. So, we can consider that to be the benchmark to beat for the new game, as we are pretty sure Sony will want to up the ante and give players a meaty sequel to chew on.

But enough blabbing, let us get to the bone marrow of the question and find out the God of War Ragnarok length and how long it will take to beat.

God of War Ragnarok how long to beat?

God of War: Ragnarok’s overall campaign will take 40 hours to beat, with 20 hours needed to beat the main campaign. That’s according to a report on Insider Gaming. From these twenty hours, approximately three hours will be dedicated to cutscenes, so we’re left with seventeen of pure gameplay. We can definitely see that it is a good 20% longer than the previous game in the series.

We know that you’re all looking forward to going back to the frozen lands of God of War and kicking the rear end of some dirty tricky Nordic god, and on November 9 you’ll definitely be able to. In the meantime, why not check out our other God of War guides and, well, also take a look at the stars in our Starfield guides.