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Fire Emblem Engage Ivy – how to recruit

Fire Emblem Engage is known for its captivating storyline and a diverse ensemble cast of characters. One character that has captured the hearts of many players is Ivy. Her unique abilities and intriguing backstory make her a valuable addition to any player’s team. In this guide, we will explore the process of recruiting Fire Emblem Engage Ivy, providing you with all the necessary steps and information to successfully add her to your roster.

Ivy is the crown princess of the kingdom of Elusia, known for her skills as a Wing Tamer and her affinity for dragons. She is the daughter of King Hyacinth and possesses a powerful personal skill called “Single-Minded,” which grants her a significant hit bonus when facing enemies.

Read on to know how you can recruit Fire Emblem Engage Ivy.

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How to recruit Ivy in Fire Emblem Engage

Recruiting the talented Ivy in the game requires players to progress through specific chapters in the storyline. To get Ivy on your team, players must complete Chapter 11, also known as “Retreat.” This chapter poses a significant challenge, as players must navigate through a dangerous battlefield to reach their objective. However, once players reach the end of Chapter 11, they can recruit Ivy.

In Chapter 9, “A Clash of Forces,” you will encounter Ivy as an enemy. However, even amidst the fierce encounter, the Divine Dragon makes a conscious decision to show mercy and spare Ivy’s life. This strategic choice is made because the Divine Dragon recognizes Ivy’s inherent potential as a valuable asset and potential ally in future endeavors.

Following the battle, the narrative advances to Chapter 11, entitled “Retreat.” This pivotal chapter signifies a significant development in Ivy’s quest as she aligns herself with the main protagonists in order to confront the impending obstacles. After completing Round 4 of Chapter 11, Ivy and her loyal companions, Kagetsu and Zelkov, will join your team.

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