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Fire Emblem Engage yellow exclamation mark explained

Fire Emblem Engage, a popular tactical JRPG, has captivated the hearts of thousands of players worldwide. As you navigate through the intricate battles in the game, you’ll encounter various indicators that demand your attention. One such indicator is the Fire Emblem Engage yellow exclamation mark that hovers above certain enemies.

 We will delve into the significance of this mark and uncover strategies to overcome the challenges it presents.

So, if you want to know about Fire Emblem Engage yellow exclamation mark, read on.

What is Yellow Exclamation Mark in Fire Emblem Engage

 When participating in battles, it is important to be aware of the presence of a Yellow Exclamation Mark above an enemy unit. Yellow Exclamation Mark serves as a cautionary signal, indicating that the enemy possesses a formidable Killer Weapon

Having a deep understanding of Killer Weapons is essential for developing effective combat strategies. These powerful weapons have the ability to deliver critical hits, with damage that often ranges between 25% to 30%. It means that your units can be taken down with just one blow. To ensure success on the battlefield, it is vital to comprehend the mechanics and intricacies of these deadly weapons. By doing so, you will be able to strategically utilize them and secure victory in combat.

In order to safeguard your units against the formidable power of foes armed with Killer Weapons, it is wise to adopt a strategy that avoids direct engagement. With this strategic separation, you effectively mitigate the possibility of your units succumbing to a deadly counterstrike.

On the other hand, you may choose a more assertive strategy by concentrating on the swift eradication of the adversary using the Killer Weapon. Such foes typically exhibit minimal defensive capabilities, rendering them susceptible to an array of attacks. Employing your most potent damage-dealing character to efficiently eliminate them proves to be an effective tactic. By promptly neutralizing the threat, you effectively eliminate any risk of critical hits against your units.

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