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Jade Fire Emblem Engage – how to recruit

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Fire Emblem Engage is the latest installment in the popular RPG strategic series by Nintendo. Players all over the world are trying to unlock all the available units. So, in this guide, we will take you through how to recruit Jade Fire Emblem Engage.

As we all know, units, or characters, are the backbone of any Fire Emblem game, and Engage is no exception. While Three Houses, the previous entry in the series, was praised for its colorful and relatable cast of characters, Engage also includes some great ones that players are raving about. 

Let’s find out how you can recruit Jade Fire Emblem Engage!

How to recruit Jade in Fire Emblem Engage

One of the best shield units in the game, Jade is a valuable asset in any team. In order to unlock and recruit Jade, you must reach Chapter 9 of the main story and make your way to her while on the map. Once you find her, talk to her with either Diamant or Alear (the protagonist). After doing so, she will join the team permanently.

While recruiting Jade on Normal difficulty is not too difficult, players must be extra careful when attempting to do so on Hard or Maddening difficulty. Battles get much tougher as players progress through the game, and they need to have a solid team composition to reach Jade safely. She is an Axe/Shield unit, which makes her an excellent addition to any team. Louis is also a great character, but having another shield member on the team will make things much easier.

In conclusion, unlocking and recruiting Jade in Fire Emblem Engage is a must for any player who wants to have a well-rounded and powerful team. She is an excellent character with great stats, and she will definitely help players throughout their journey. For more guides like this, feel free to take a look at how to recruit Louis and maddening fixed growths explained