Final Fantasy 16 Ruin Reawakened

Ruin Reawakened Final Fantasy 16

If you’re an avid Final Fantasy XVI player, you may have come across one particular hunt on the Hunt Board. Yes, we are talking about Ruin Reawakened. This S-Rank hunt offers a thrilling challenge, but it can be quite elusive to locate. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to find and defeat Svarog, the formidable dragon associated with the Final Fantasy 16 Ruin Reawakened hunt.

Locating the Svarog dragon during the Ruin Reawakened hunt is not a daunting task, as it is found in a specific location. No need to hurry and look all around.

If you want to know the location of Final Fantasy 16 Ruin Reawakened, read on.

Where to find Final Fantasy 16 Ruin Reawakened

To find the Final Fantasy 16 Ruin Reawakened hunt, you’ll need first to teleport to Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate, which is south of Northreach. Once you’re there, head east until you come across a small path that ventures south through a forest and into the region of Mornebrume.

From there, it’s just a matter of following along the path until you reach an opening that borders water. That is where Svarog is awaiting us, a formidable battle is definitely about to begin.

How to defeat Svarog

Svarog is a formidable dragon that you will face in the Ruin Reawakened hunt. It is a powerful opponent that should not be underestimated. However, even if you are under-leveled, it is still possible to defeat this level 50 enemy. We recommend that you must reach at least level 40 before engaging in this battle.

During the battle, you can expect to face a range of attacks, from bullets to pillars of energy. Be mindful of moves such as Red Dawn and Embroil, as these can deal substantial amounts of damage. On top of that, Svarog implements Dragon Dance and Last Dance, the latter of which is triggered when the creature’s health is low. 

You’ll need to prepare yourself for a fierce battle, as Last Dance is often immediately followed by a barrage of attacks. So make sure you’re at the top of your game and ready to take on Svarog’s onslaught.

That’s everything you need in order to defeat the monster in the Ruin Reawakened quest. Check out our other Final Fantasy guides to know how to beat Final Fantasy 16 Garuda and how to beat Final Fantasy 16 Soul Stingers.