Burden of the Follower Remnant 2 - how to get it Character shooting enemies

Burden of the Follower Remnant 2 – how to get it

One of the best things about having a ring in Remnant 2 is that they give you impressive buffs and abilities while being aesthetically pleasing. The combination of these two qualities has made rings something to look out for. Among the popular ones, The Burden of the Follower has become a ring that strategically inclined players love to wear. So, if you are one of these players, here’s how you can get Burden of the Follower in Remnant 2.

This Ring also comes with quite a bit of lore behind it. As a result, for players who are like equipping items that are deeply connected with the world their character is inhabiting, this ring helps them keep up immersiveness to the max.

So, keep reading and find out how you can find the Burden of the Followers in Remnant 2. Hopefully, this ring makes your character even stronger.

Burden of the Follower Remnant 2 - how to get it Character looking at the darkness

Here’s how you get Burden of Follower in Remnant 2

You will find this ring inside a hidden library within the Endaira’s End dungeon in Yaesha. When you are there, you will need to locate a ledge with a statue. There will be a hole behind some pots. You then need to drop down this hole and reach the secret library. Scour this place thoroughly, and hopefully, you find the ring on the broken book shelf.

Keep in mind that for many players when they reach the Endaira’s End dungeon, the statue may not spawn in. This means that the secret library will also become inaccessible. So, if you don’t get it, just go back to Ward 13 and re-roll in Adventure mode.

When you equip this ring, it will reduce the fire rate by 15% and increase Power Generation by 50%. Thus, players who like playing this strategically will find it more useful.

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