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Aliens: Dark Descent Game Pass – is it on the service?

Xbox’s Game Pass is a remarkable service that lets fans play a ton of games, including indies and triple-A titles for just a little money every month. With so many games on the service, fans want to know if Aliens: Dark Descent on Game Pass is happening.

Single-player games fit right at home with the service, which is why subscribers search for them when they can. The fact that this service also lets you buy the game when it’s about to leave is also just great.

Here’s what we know about Aliens: Dark Descent on Game Pass and if this is going to happen.

Is Aliens: Dark Descent on Game Pass?

With the game coming out soon, many are hoping that it will be in the Xbox service on day one. Unfortunately, this squad-based single-player shooter will not be coming to Game Pass, at least not right now. Although there’s a good chance that it will come to the service in the future, don’t count on that happening on day one.

Microsoft has been getting plenty of games on launch for their service, so it’s surprising this isn’t one of them. Granted, this is a licensed game with plenty of fans so maybe the devs want to get launch money first. Fans can probably expect it to pop up on Game Pass in a few months if things go well.

Players that want this on the service are probably reminiscing the time when Aliens: Fireteam Elite was on Game Pass. It was there for a while but was taken off last year and fans of the series miss it dearly. Dark Descent is a pretty different game, but we definitely know that anything with Aliens in them will get plenty of attention.

At the least, subscribers of Xbox’s service will have plenty of games to enjoy before this eventually comes. Think of the lack of Dark Descent as a way to clear what’s on your backlog.

That’s all we know about the shooter not being on the service. For more from Voxel Smash, check out how to farm crystals and use cheats in Stranded Alien Dawn.