Alan Wake 2 Nightingale - fighting the Nightingale boss as Saga Anderson.

Alan Wake 2 Nightingale guide – how to find and beat

If you’re trying to find and beat the Nightingale boss in Alan Wake 2 and need a guide to help you, you’ve come to the right place. This is the first boss fight you’ll have to face as Saga Anderson and it’s a great introduction to the game’s main combat mechanics such as breaking an enemy’s core and dodging at the right time. This boss guide will help you understand these mechanics better by showcasing how to find and beat Nightingale.

Alan Wake 2 Nightingale - aim at its core with the shotgun to break it.

How to find Nightingale in Alan Wake 2

To find Nightingale, progress through the story after he gets revived and runs away. Find his heart in the General Store after combining two manuscript evidence in your Case Board and then head to the Wtich’s Ladle location, just on the left of the General Store.

Interact with the sign there and you’ll enter an instance where Nightingale is. Now, the fight begins. However, before interacting with the sign, keep reading to make sure you’re properly prepared.

Alan Wake 2 Nightingale - aim for headshots after breaking its core.

How to beat Nightingale in Alan Wake 2

Before heading into the fight, I recommend equipping the ability ‘Another Headshot’, which causes an enemy to get stunned if you headshot them twice in quick succession. The boss has two phases, one in the first area you meet him and one as you’re running in the woods.

Nightingale Phase 1

For the first Phase of Nightingale, use Saga’s flashlight to expose his core (chest) and shoot it. This will deal exceptional damage and leave the boss with low HP. A few more headshots with the handgun will be enough to take it down for this phase.

As for its attacks, there are no special patterns other than the teleport attack. Make sure to dodge at the right time and you’ll be able to avoid it easily. With the first phase over, you’ll need to run back to the woods where you came from. Make sure to pick up ammo from the red boxes near the main path.

Nightingale Phase 2

As you’re running through the woods, Nightingale will appear again. The first is similar to Phase 2 but now he has no core at all. The only way to damage him is by aiming for his head. This is where the ‘Another Headshot’ ability comes in clutch.

He has one new attack in this phase where he attacks the ground and sends a wave of darkness toward you. Make sure to run away and dodge at the right time to avoid it.

Keep aiming for his head and eventually, you’ll be able to beat Nightingale without issues.

In conclusion, you can beat Nightingale in Alan Wake 2 by breaking its core in Phase 1 and aiming for its head in Phase 2. With the ‘Another Headshot’ ability, you’ll be able to stun him constantly and make the fight significantly easier. Did you manage to defeat this boss on the first try? Do you think it’s a solid introduction as the first boss of the game? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. For more similar content, check out how to find the Kalevala code location and how to unlock the Coffee World safe in Alan Wake 2.

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