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Is Wuthering Waves a gacha game? What we know

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Wuthering Waves is a mobile and PC game developed by Kuro Game. In this guide, we will take you through the question many players might be having: is Wuthering Waves a gacha game?

The sheer influence of the insanely successful and much-loved Genshin Impact has resulted in a lot of similar games coming to the market of late. However, players want to know just how similar these games really are.

Let’s find out if Wuthering Waves is a gacha game!

Wuthering Waves – is it a gacha game?

Genshin Impact is a gacha game: players can obtain new characters and weapons with in-game currency or use money to purchase loot boxes. On the other hand, it is unclear whether Wuthering Waves will have a similar monetization model. While it has been described as a “gacha” in some articles, this term is often used more broadly to describe mobile games that have elements of chance or randomness in their progression or reward systems.

It’s worth noting that Kuro Game’s previous title, Punishing: Gray Raven, is indeed a gacha game. Loved by players for being free-to-play and more friendly than other games in the genre. Fans of Punishing: Gray Raven have high hopes for Wuthering Waves, hoping that it will follow a similar route in terms of monetization.

It looks like Wuthering Waves is looking to set itself apart from other open-world mobile games. Even without a gacha system, its unique combat mechanics and post-apocalyptic setting are captivating. Fans of action RPGs and hack-and-slash games may find Wuthering Waves to be an exciting addition to the genre, regardless of its monetization model.

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