Wishbone Dead Space remake - how to unlock the achievement necromorph looking down at player

Wishbone Dead Space remake – how to unlock the achievement

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The 2023 remake of the original Dead Space is finally out for all horror lovers to enjoy. There are plenty of achievements to unlock in this game, so we will take you through how to unlock the Wishbone Dead Space remake achievement.

The game takes place on the spaceship Ishimura, where Isaac needs to fight Necromorphs and make it out alive. Our main man, thankfully, has several abilities that make it easier to kill these monsters.

The Wishbone Dead Space remake achievement requires one of the abilities Isaac has, Kinesis. Let’s find out how you can get this achievement quickly!

How to unlock the Wishbone achievement in Dead Space remake

The Wishbone achievement requires you to “rip off a dangling limb using Kinesis.” So basically, you will need to use a Necromorph as target practice. Any Necromorph will do, but make sure it’s not too powerful, should you lose control of it. 

The first thing you will need to do is find a Necromorph who’s willing to give up a limb. Just kidding – you’ll need to take the limb whether they like it or not. Focus on the limb by using small projectiles from a ranged weapon like the Pulse Rifle. 

With the new graphics and skin gore system, you will be able to see when the Necromorph’s skin is dangling. You might want to use your stasis ability now to slow down the monster. This will make it easier to target the limb with your kinesis ability. Hold onto the limb with this power, and rip it clean off. 

Hope that wasn’t too painful for the Necromorph, but at least now you have your achievement. We hope that this guide helped you to unlock the Wishbone achievement in Dead Space remake. Make sure to check out our other guides such as where to find the schematics and suit locations.