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What is EA Play and how to use it

Today, gamers are spoiled for choice. There are so many different ways to access games: by paying a relatively low entry price, they can easily play loads of games, both new and old. And let’s not forget having access to the latest exclusives, via digital platforms. But lately, a new contender has arrived, what is EA Play and how to use it?

The war for the digital subscription services is very much alive, while it is not that expensive to be subscribed to a couple of them, if one games on a PC, along with a PlayStation 5 and Xbox, then those costs definitely add up each month (or year). Sure, still cheaper than buying everything individually, but still you’d want to choose carefully so as to not avoid having too much choice.

So, what is EA Play and how to use it? Read on below to find out everything you need to know about Electronic Arts’ proposal,

What is EA Play and how to use it

EA Play is Electronic Arts’ paid game subscription service, similar to those by Ubisoft, Microsoft and Sony. It is available for PC, Xbox and Playstation. If you are a member of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, though, you can access EA Play for free, included in your subscription.

Previously known as EA Access (or Origin Access on PC), EA Play allows subscribers access to a quite large catalogue of games published by Electronic Arts, along with trying new games before everyone else and a 10% discount on all games bought on the service. On PC, the service is slightly different as access to new games requires using EA Play Pro, which costs slightly more.

EA Play can be accessed both with a monthly or yearly subscription. On PlayStation, the service costs 4.99$ per month or 19.99$ for the whole year, which is definitely the best price, but one might prefer to access it per month in order to try the latest exclusive games. The prices are the same on Xbox.

So, have you made up your mind about the subscription service? Do you think it’s worth the money or perhaps it’s just a good thing to have in your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? Anyway, while you make up your mind, check out some more Xbox gaming goodness with our Forza Horizon 5 guides and, why not, some Vampire Survivors.