Wayfinder Wish Upon a Star quest - character is ready to fight

Wish Upon a Star Wayfinder – location and how to beat

In the vast world of the MMORPG Wayfinder, players embark on thrilling quests that immerse them in a realm filled with adventure and mystery. One such quest is Wish Upon a Star. The quest involves uncovering the mystery of the concentration of Gloom. In this guide, we will share information on where to initiate the Wayfinder Wish Upon a Star quest and how to beat it.

As with any newly released game, bugs and glitches are bound to appear, sometimes hindering players’ progress. During this quest, players have encountered a bug where the boss, Night’s Maw, fails to spawn.

Read on to find out the location of Wayfinder Wish Upon a Star quest and how to beat it.

How to complete the Wish Upon a Star quest

You can complete the Wish Upon a Star quest by defeating the Night’s Maw boss inside the cave. To begin this quest, you must interact with Seeker Avala. The objective of this quest is to uncover the Mystery of the Concentration of Gloom. 

To summon the boss Night’s Maw, players need to acquire three Wurm Baits. These baits play a crucial role in luring and spawning the Gluttonous Wurm, which, in turn, summons the Night’s Maw. The location to spawn Night’s Maw is a cave hidden behind a captivating waterfall, not far from Seeker Avala’s position.

Where is the Night’s Maw boss

To initiate the boss fight with Night’s Maw, you must venture into the depths of the cave concealed behind the waterfall. Once inside, you will encounter Wurms whom you need to defeat. After overcoming these adversaries, players should place the Wurm Bait on the nest, which will entice the Gluttonous Wurm. The Gluttonous Wurm, in turn, will spawn the formidable Night’s Maw. 

It is important to note that Night’s Maw boasts an impressive amount of HP, requiring players to exercise caution and strategy during the battle. Once you defeat the boss, return to Avala to complete the quest.

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