True Crime LA map shooting

True Crime LA map – how accurate are the locations?

While we are cruising the streets of cities like in GTA V or Burnout Paradise, we do tend to wonder: were they inspired by real-life locations? Clearly, sometimes the inspiration is there, but you can’t stay too faithful if you’re designing a virtual place, of course. Well, in the case of True Crime LA it is different, so let’s see, how accurate is the True Crime LA map?

The game came out originally in 2003, that was a long time ago for sure, but it does tend to come up again and again as its chaotic gameplay is often used also by Twitch streamers for a fun night of gaming. While it doesn’t really hold up as a serious open-world game today, it is a solid title for a quick night of mayhem.

So, let’s check how accurate is True Crime Streets of LA map to real-life Los Angeles.

How accurate is the True Crime Streets of LA map?

It does seem to be fairly accurate to real-life Los Angeles in its virtual recreation of the city’s most famous locations and many of its streets. It seems so realistic that Seth Rogen, who starred in such unforgettable flicks as This is The End and Kung Fu Panda, used it to teach Martin Starr, his co-star on Silicon Valley, how to get around Los Angeles.

In being so close to the real-life city, also True Crime’s map is huge, counting 240 square miles of terrain the player can explore freely. That’s also way more than GTA V and the game came out a full ten years later!

So you can definitely enjoy a trip to Los Angeles in this 2003 game, but if you want to travel to the stars, you might want to check out our guides for Starfield or, why not a trip to the old Derceto mansion in Alone in the Dark?