Trine 5 bosses - how many and who are they? Characters fighting a giant four-armed creature

Trine 5 bosses – how many and who are they?

The Trine series always had a special spot in the side-scrolling platformer genre. With its unique gameplay loop that emphasizes the use of three distinct characters with their own unique abilities and solving action set-pieces like puzzles. It is safe to say that the Trine series has always given players a memorable gaming experience. Trine 5, the latest installment in this series, provides an amazing evolution of this formula and adds challenging boss battles to the mix as well. If you are having trouble with this particular aspect of this game, then this article will tell you all about the bosses in Trine 5.

These boss battles are often multi-phased, and their weaknesses are often shrouded behind puzzle-like barriers. This quality creates interesting methods for their inevitable defeat, and once the players figure this out, it becomes very satisfying rather than frustrating, to battle them.

Keep reading to find out all about the bosses in Trine 5. Knowing how each Boss battle plays out will help you out a lot.

Trine 5 bosses - how many and who are they? Character running away from a steampunk creature

How many bosses are there in Trine 5?

There are a total of 7 major boss battles in Trine 5. Each of them is pretty different from each other, especially the ones you encounter during the later parts of the game. You will have to utilize all three characters in some way or the other to defeat these bosses.

Who are the bosses in Trine 5?

The following are all the 7 bosses in Trine 5:

  • Bridge Guardian: Like its name, you will fight it on a bridge, and you will need to avoid the bombs it throws at you.
  • Gate Guardian: This boss looks like a giant worm that can fly and shoot projectiles at you.
  • Terrace Guardian: This boss looks like a smaller version of the Bridge Guardian.
  • Tower Guardian: This boss is going to be hard to defeat, as it feels like a combination of all the previous bosses. 
  • Wilhelmaton: This boss comes with giant arms that it uses to attack the trio.
  • Valeribot: This boss is basically a gigantic mechanical turkey that can shoot lasers out of its mouth.
  • Godric & Sunny: This is the final boss in the game, and it comes in the form of a giant Octopus.

These are all the bosses you will encounter and of course, keep in mind that they have phases and you have to make sure to figure out a strategy to defeat each of them.

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