Script call failed – how to fix the Sims 4 bug

The Sims is a solid and endearing series, originally developed by Sim City developer Will Wright in 2001. To this day it stands as the most successful “life simulation” games, for sure, but it’s also one often plagued by bugs and issues. While some of them funny, others are really not so, like the The Sims 4 script call failed error.

Unfortunately this error will cause the game to stop working altogether, so this is really not one of those funny bugs we have seen many times in The Sims where characters clip through walls or the textures get all weirded out.

There might be a number of reasons why the bug is popping up on your precious Sim family and ruining a good family’s dinner. Sometimes fixing it might just be as simple as removing all mods or checking if there is corrupted content in your Sims 4 folder.

Script call failed – how to fix the Sims 4 bug

Remove all mods

Removing all mods from your The Sims 4 installation might be the first thing to do, in order to check if there is a mod which is acting up and ruining your games. Clearly, before going ahead and removing them, it might be wise to check if some of them have been updated to fix any bugs or smooth issues. If all mods have been updated and still the error rears its ugly head, then start removing mods one by one, so you can check which one is causing the dreaded error.

Check file integrity

While it might sound like a difficult task, do not fret. On Steam it is easy to do, just go to your library and select the game in the list. Then it’s just a matter of right-clicking and selecting “Properties”, where you’re looking for the “local game files” tab. In that tab you’ll find a “Verify integrity of game files” option, just select it and let Steam do all the dirty work.

Slightly different way to go about it on Origin, but also not complicated. Head to your Origin library, then peruse your library and find The Sims 4. Right-click on the title and select “Repair”. Wait a few minutes for the application to complete the work and then you’re all set.

Reinstall the game

Unfortunately, sometimes even these simple methods do not assure us that we’ll be back playing our game. So, uninstalling and then reinstalling the game, either on Steam or Origin, might be the way to go. Resetting all files to default might also be worth a try, but do remember to backup your Sims 4 files first (the Saved Games are in the “My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4” folder, so they’re pretty easy to find, in case).

Once you’ve backed up all your stuff, just rename the folder something different so that the game will recreate all the files from scratch. Hopefully that will fix it, but if nothing works, then we’ll advise you to go take a look on the Electronic Arts Sims 4 help page.

We hope this helps you in solving your issues, in the meantime while you’re waiting for Steam to check your files, why not give a read to one of our Return to Monkey Island guides? You won’t regret it!