The Sims 4 doctor career guide Doctor checking up a patient

The Sims 4 – doctor career guide

The Sims 4 doctor career guide Doctor checking up a patient

One of the main aspects that have aided The Sims 4’s phenomenal longevity and legacy is the amount of freedom the game provides you when it comes to what type of life you want your Sims to have and specifically, what type of career you want them to pursue. Thus, to help you with this decision, we will provide you with all of the important information you need to know about in this The Sims 4 Doctor Career Guide.

Making your Sim into a doctor in the game comes with its own unique perks and tasks and this career path is often considered as the most challenging compared to other careers that you can make your Sim pursue.

Here is our The Sims 4 Doctor Career Guide to help you out on your career journey.

The Sims 4 doctor career guide Doctor performing surgery on a patient

Doctor career in The Sims 4 explained

The doctor career path will be added to your The Sims 4 with the Get To Work expansion pack. Once this is done you can make your Sim start their career as a doctor by going to the bottom right corner where the career panel will be situated and then choosing the doctor options.

Keep in mind that your Sim will have to start from level 1 as a Medical Intern and then slowly work towards becoming Chief of Staff which is level 10. Throughout this journey, your Sim has to perform tasks like emergency surgeries and diagnosing patients with various diseases. Your performance relating to these tasks will heavily affect your promotion.

The Sims 4 doctor career guide character looking angry

Diagnosing patients and identifying diseases in The Sims 4

One of the major tasks your Sims need to do if they choose to become a doctor is to identify what type of disease the patients are suffering from by diagnosing them and looking at their symptoms.

This process has a high chance of error, since you need to be very observant and have a lot of patience and look for the different types of symptoms NPCs are expressing such as rashes on their faces or steam coming out of their head. During the diagnosis, many of the diseases can be treated if identified correctly, however, if you make a mistake then your performance will take a hit.

As you move up the levels. you will also unlock different types of diagnosis methods like guiding patients to a treadmill or taking an X-ray. Other miscellaneous tasks that your Sim has to do are taking patients to bed, feeding them, and always keeping your Sim’s focus high.

To make this job even easier, the following is a list of all of the diseases you can diagnose patients with and their associated symptoms (source: Petey Plays It) :

  • Bloaty Head: Steam Blowing From Ears, Headache
  • Starry Eyes: Swirl Rash, Dizziness/Head Stars, Swatting
  • Gas and Giggles: Stomach Ache, Tiger Stripe Rash, Giggling
  • Sweaty Shivers: Fever, Spotted Rash, Itching/Scratching
  • Llama Flu: Fever, Spotted Rash, Coughing, Sneezing
  • Burning Belly: Stomach Ache, Fever
  • Itchy Plumbob: Tiger Stripe Rash, Spotted Rash, Itching/Scratching, Giggling
  • Triple Threat: Spotted Rash, Swirl Rash, Coughing, Sneezing, Dizziness/Head Stars

Although there is still a chance of misdiagnosing patients even after matching the above-mentioned symptoms with the diseases, they are very rare.

The Sims 4 doctor career guide Patient in the surgery machine with a doctor

How to handle emergency surgeries in The Sims 4

Your sim will be able to do emergency surgeries once the surgery machine is unlocked. This is arguably the most valuable and easiest task you can do while being a doctor because to identify the patients that will need surgery you just have to look out for patients who are passing out on the floor. This is a clear indication of a patient who needs immediate surgery.

The moment surgery is finished you will get a huge boost in your performance which in turn will help you to level up and get promoted. However, make sure there is no mistake in the patient you choose for surgery as accidental surgery on a patient who needs none will heavily affect your performance in a negative way.

These were all of the important information you need to know to successfully play through the Doctor’s career path in The Sims 4. If you liked this guide and then check out more such as Chained Echoes canned enemies guide or Gran Turismo 7 skip intro guide – how to skip the cutscene.