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Sebastian Stardew Valley – best gifts explained

When it comes to characters like Sebastian, it is hard to resist not being a friend to him. You can get closer to him by building a genuine relationship with him and you can start this relationship by first knowing what are thebest gifts for Sebastian in Stardew Valley.

You can find him residing in the basement of the Carpenter Shop at 24 Mountain Road. Although Sebastian has some friends, it is going to be pretty challenging to develop a relationship with him that will lead to marriage. But it’s a worthy try.

Read on and find out about the Best Gifts for Sebastian in Stardew Valley.

Sebastian Stardew Valley - best gifts explained Characters standing on a dock

Best gifts for Sebastian in Stardew Valley

The best gifts that you can give to impress Sebastian are Frozen Tear, Void Eggs, Rabbit’s Foot, Pumpkin Soup, Sashimi, Golden Pumpkin, and Obsidian. All of these gifts make total sense with his gloomy personality. Many players will relate to his isolation and shyness as for a long time he has been overshadowed by his sister.

This not only made him more withdrawn from everybody but also made him an introvert. Due to not getting much attention from his parents, he likes things that are on the weirder side. Who can blame him, right?

However, giving him these gifts will surely melt his cold hard exterior and make him more open to you. Make sure to avoid giving him Omelette, Farmer’s lunch, Complete Breakfast, and any other eggs except for Void Eggs.

These items will just lead to the deterioration of your relationship with him and in all honesty, will just make him even more isolated. Another point to keep in mind is that, as Sebastian is pretty much a shut-in, you will find him mostly in his house.

Now you can go ahead and give Sebastian all of those gifts and build a great relationship with him. If you liked what you just read, then please check out our other articles such as Hollow Knight wall jump – how to get the ability and Will there be a Killer Frequency 2?