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How to use magnifying glass – Stardew Valley

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If you’re looking to take a closer look at things in Stardew Valley, there is an item that can prove to be quite useful. In this guide, we will take you through how to use the magnifying glass Stardew Valley.

In the game, this instrument does indeed play quite a significant role, but it might be difficult for players to use and operate this instrument. Some things might indeed need a tutorial!

No need to worry, though, as we are here to explain it all for you! Let’s find out how to use the magnifying glass Stardew Valley item.

Stardew Valley – how does the magnifying glass work?

To use a Magnifying Glass, you first need to access the Player Menu. Once you’ve opened the menu, click on the Skills Tab, which is where you’ll find the Inventory and Items option. From there, look for the Wallet option, and inside the Wallet, you’ll find the Magnifying Glass. As long as it’s there, it will be used automatically while you play the game.

But how to get it? Well, first remember that you need to complete the ‘A Winter Mystery’ Quest. To begin this quest, you’ll have to head over to the Bus Stop at The Farm between 6 am and 4 pm. Doing so will trigger a cutscene where you’ll see a mysterious figure. Following the figure’s footprints in the snow will lead you to another cutscene where the shadow figure drops the magnifying glass. 

Once you have the Magnifying Glass, you’ll discover that it has a wide range of uses. One of its main benefits is that it helps you find Secret Notes all over the game. These notes provide you with directions to special clues and items that are hidden in the game.

You can come across Secret Notes while doing a variety of activities in the game. This can include fishing, mining, chopping down trees and more. So, even when you think you’re doing a mundane activity, you might be uncovering some secrets.

That’s it for how to use the magnifying glass Stardew Valley! If you’d like to check out more guide, we have How to rotate furniture and How to get pumpkin soup.