Sardine Palia – where to find and get Character getting ready to fish

Sardine Palia – where to find and get

Sometimes fishing should be treated as a recreational activity in Palia instead of always using it as a way to grind. This means that you should look for fish that are more easily found and can also be easily caught. Sardines are perfect for this, and if you don’t know where to catch them, then this article will enlighten you about the places where you can quickly catch a Sardine in Palia.

Sardine is a fish that you will keep catching when you are actually looking for a much rarer fish. But when you are totally focused on catching a Sardine, for some reason, they seem to disappear from the world of Palia. Luck in Palia works in a cruel way, so knowing the water bodies where Sardines can be abundantly found will be pretty helpful.

Keep reading to find out where you can catch Sardine in Palia.

Sardine Palia – where to find and get Character holding a ball of water

Where to find Sardine in Palia?

You can find Sardines in the Bahari Coast area. You can start fishing for it at the Coral Shores, Beachcomber Cover, and Lighthouse Lagoon. They can be found in other places due to their commonality, but the chances of their appearance are highest off the coast of Bahari Bay.

You can catch them without any bait, so they are great for practice, especially if you are a beginner at fishing. They can appear all day and by catching them, you will be working towards accomplishments like Kilima and Bahari Fish Collector and Master Kilima and Bahari Fish Collector.

You can even sell them for a base price of 23 Gold, and if you manage to get a start-quality one, then the price will go up to 34 Gold. It’s not much, but Gold is Gold.

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