How to find and solve puzzles in Desynced - finding an explorable monument in the open world.

How to find and solve puzzles in Desynced

Are you looking for something to do while your robots are farming Metal Ore and producing materials? Here’s how to find and solve puzzles in Desynced.

Desynced features open-world exploration where your drones can roam around and find various explorable structures. Some of these will have puzzles but not all of them are easy to solve.

In this guide, I will explain how to find and solve puzzles in Desynced to give you something to do while your robots are producing materials. Additionally, puzzles are a great way to get some high-tier items before you even research them.

How to find and solve puzzles in Desynced - solving a small puzzle by flipping the tiles.
To solve this puzzle, you want all eight tiles to be blue.

How to find puzzles in Desynced

You can find puzzles in Desynced all over the open world. Send your Scout drone to explore around and keep your eye open for any explorable monuments.

The best way to find these monuments is by checking your minimap on the top right of your screen, Explorables will be marked with a yellow color. Then, get close to them with your Drone and right-click on them.

Some will reward you with materials instantly just because you got there. However, some others will require you to solve a puzzle first before you get any rewards.

How to find and solve puzzles in Desynced - solving a large puzzle by connecting the blue line with the dots.
This is the large variant of the puzzle where you need to connect all the dots with the blue line. There’s a smaller variant with only nine tiles that’s much easier to complete.

All puzzles and how to solve them

There are three different puzzles in Desynced: two small ones and one large. To solve them, players will need to turn all the tiles blue either by clicking on the right ones or by connecting the blue lines with every dot.

The small puzzles are fairly easy to solve and will take only a few seconds or minutes max. For the first puzzle (image one), clicking on a tile will flip all adjacent tiles (including diagonal tiles). The best method here is to spam the corner tiles until it’s solved.

The second variety (image two) requires more focus as you’ll need to connect the blue line with all the dots. Start from the source tile and focus on expanding the path as much as possible. It will be easier to connect the dots afterward.

The second variety however can either have 9 tiles, or 64. The one with the 9 tiles is fairly easy. However, the 64-tiled puzzle is extremely challenging and, in most cases, isn’t worth the effort. If you’re a fan of puzzles, it will definitely offer an interesting challenge.

The strategy is still the same as you’ll need to focus on expanding the main path as much as possible and then focus on linking the dots.

To summarize, you can find and solve puzzles in Desynced by finding monuments in the open world and then either flipping the tiles or connecting the dots. For more content, check out our guides on the best Remnant 2 bleed build and how to get clay in Palia.

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