All differences in Risk of Rain Returns - fighting the ancient wisp boss.

Risk of Rain Returns differences – is it better than RoR1?

Risk of Rain Returns includes a wide variety of differences compared to the original game. Let’s check them all out. Overall, RoRR is considered an improvement compared to the fan-favorite Risk of Rain 1, since it includes lots of new content, as well as many quality-of-life features. If you’re debating whether to get it or not, we’ve got you covered. Let’s go through all of the new changes and additions.

All differences in Risk of Rain Returns - exploring one of the levels.

Risk of Rain Returns differences from RoR1

Overall, Risk of Rain Returns is considered an improvement over the original Risk of Rain 1. Here are all the differences:

  • New art and music
  • Over 15 new items, artifacts
  • New survivors
  • Survivor skins and alternate abilities
  • Various balance changes
  • New logbook entries

Additionally, there are the following quality-of-life changes that make the overall experience better:

  • You can teleport without having to kill every single enemy
  • Some characters can move while attacking
  • Multiplayer is easy to set up and you can even play with randoms

All in all, Risk of Rain is considered a great, modernized remaster of the original game as it keeps the main gameplay elements that fans enjoy but changes up everything else. If you’re not sure about picking it up, I highly recommend it if you enjoyed RoR1. Also, if you haven’t played RoR1, you can still play Risk of Rain Returns without missing anything.

To summarize, Risk of Rain Returns has various differences compared to Risk of Rain 1 both in terms of new content and quality-of-life additions. It keeps the main concept of RoR1 that fans enjoyed but improves everything else. As a result, it’s considered a great remaster and I highly recommend trying it out if you haven’t yet. Now that you’re starting your adventure, check out how to get the illegal shipment in RoRR. This will award you the Altered Genome achievement and the Toxin item upgrade.

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