Ride 5 release date bike racing on track

Ride 5 release date, trailer, and gameplay

Are you ready to gear up and ride again? Because the fifth chapter in the racing series by the Italian dev studio Milestone is definitely on the horizon. Get ready for a adrenaline-filled gameplay while driving some very fast vehicles. Read on to find out all about the Ride 5 release date.

We will get to compete on over 35 tracks, with more than 200 different bikes to collect from so many world-renowned manufacturers. Milestone has been known to create fantastic simulations and the new chapter in Ride is going to be great.

Enough prattling on, let’s find out all about the Ride 5 release date.

Ride 5 release date

Are you ready? Ride 5 is going to be released on the 24th of August 2023. It has been over three years since the release of the fourth chapter in the series, so fans are definitely looking forward to the newest exciting racing title. More bikes and more tracks for all players!

The game is going to hit several platforms and will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (both the Steam and Epic store). Ride 5 won’t be available on the last generation series of consoles.

Ride 5 trailer

We also got an exciting trailer to show you. Who doesn’t love seeing racing bikes lay themselves over for some knee-scraping action? Check it out below.

The trailer is only for Kawasaki fans, by the way. Did we make that clear? Yamaha? Get out of here!

Ride 5 gameplay

The fifth chapter will feature a brand new career mode, with racers now having each their own unique personalities and appearances. The game will also now feature in-race save and rewinds, along with the possibility to play cross-play multiplayer with other platforms.

There will also be an all new dynamic weather system calculating in real-time both the track and air temperature, so you will have to adjust your racing strategy to adjust the changes from sun to rain.

That’s all we have about Ride 5 for now, if you want to know more about great racing games check out our guide on Forza 5 rarest car and Gran Turismo 7 track list.