Payday 3 - bank heist stealth guide Character standing next to a manhole

Payday 3 – bank heist stealth guide

In the No Rest for the Wicked heist, you will be stealing from a bank. This classic heist is one of the best heists in the game, as there are many elements that seamlessly work together. However, if this is your first time playing this game and you want to know the most efficient method for completing this mission. Then, here’s a guide for the Bank Heist in Payday 3.

This article will highlight a great stealth method that you can use to complete this heist. You can even do this solo, so you don’t have to worry about your teammates messing your plan up.

Keep reading to find out the guide for Bank Heist in Payday 3.

Payday 3 - bank heist stealth guide Character choking another character

How to complete the bank heist in Payday 3?

The following are all the objectives you will need to complete:

Turn off the power to the gate

  • Remember to have a silenced pistol as a secondary weapon.
  • Enter the bank.
  • Unlock the Bank Teller’s door and enter.
  • Make sure the tellers do not see you, so stay near the walls
  • Put the switch and turn off the power.

Finding the Power Room

  • Get out of the Teller area, and move straight ahead. On the left side, there will be a door that leads to the staff-only area.
  • You will see a giant SCB sign in front of you. Go right and open the brown door, and enter. It is the IT room.
  • There will be a guard inside this room, so lure him and shoot him. If anybody sees you, tie them up. You can mask up here as well.
  • Take the red key card from the dead guard.
  • Get out of this from the other side. Make sure you hide from the camera.
  • There will be a stairwell on the left side. Climb up the stairs.
  • The power room can be either on the second floor or the roof.
  • You can hide bodies in the stairwell area.
  • The location of the power room is randomized, but you will always have to use a red key to open it. It will also have a sign for electric hazards near it.
  • When you find this room, get inside, hack the computer, and then look at the cable controller. It will tell you what colored switch you will have to flip.
  • Head back downstairs to the first floor, and when you get out of the stairwell area. Go left.
  • You will reach the end of the hallway, you will find the fusebox present on the left bottom next to the door.
  • Flip the switch.

Open the Vault

  • From the fusebox area, go straight into the room ahead; you will find the vault on the left side.
  • Get back to the hallway, sprint to the end, then take a left. You will see the manager’s office.
  • Inside, of course, you will find the manager, take him as a hostage with you to the vault. Make sure no guards are looking at you through the windows in his room.
  • When you reach the vault, shove towards the eye scanner.
  • Tie him up and hide him somewhere.
  • Now, go to the room opposite the Manager’s room.
  • There will be a computer on the long table. Interact with it and you will get a bunch of vault codes.
  • Try out all of them; one of them will surely work. Don’t get spotted when you are doing this.
  • Open up the vault, go to the money, and disarm the dye packs.
  • Pick up the money. And go back to the area with the giant SCB sign. You can reach this area through the IT Room, where you killed that guard.
  • On the left side, there will be a red door. Open it up. It will lead you to a back alley.
  • There will be a steel gate on the right; unlock it, and then bring the money bags to the van that is parked near it.

This is the most efficient way to finish this mission. Saving the money from the dye packs will be hard when you are alone, but this is something you have to deal with playing through this mission solo.

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