Guide paradox Honkai Star Rail mission guide - talking to sheila

Guide paradox Honkai Star Rail mission guide

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There are plenty of quests in Honkai Star Rail, and some of them can be quite interesting. In this guide, we will take you through how to complete the mission Guide paradox Honkai Star Rail.

This optional quest takes place in the Herta Space Station and offers multiple endings, so you definitely might be interested to learn more about it, especially how to solve it.

Let’s find out how you can complete the mission Guide paradox Honkai Star Rail!

Honkai Star Rail – Guide paradox mission

To begin this quest, you will get a message from Arlan on your smartphone after completing the Trailblaze Missions in the Herta Space Station area. Once you do, head over to the Master Control Zone and speak with Esther to begin your journey.

At the Herta Space Station, your objective is to locate and retrieve the three stolen tapes. These tapes can all be found in the Supply Zone area of the station quite easily. After you’ve retrieved the tapes, you’ll watch them and learn about the story of Sheila. But that’s not all – things get even more interesting from there.

After watching the tapes, you’ll pass out and wake up in the medical bay. Here, you’ll come across someone who claims to be Sheila. However, she is suffering from short-term memory loss. She’ll ask you to find a place in her memory, which is also in the Supply Zone. After searching and finding some intriguing notes, you’ll go back to Sheila and reveal the truth.

From this point on, there will be spoilers, so beware. When you confront Gunn with the evidence, he’ll finally admit that the Sheila you’ve been talking to is actually an android created in the image of his long-deceased lover. The android eventually discovered her identity, and Gunn tried to “fix” her up, which led to the events of the mission.

Finally, you get to choose Sheila’s fate by answering a question, and that’s the end of this quest. The result will be the same no matter what you pick, and there are no rewards for this quest.

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