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Palia solve the second riddle – how to open the door

Puzzles are a huge part of Palia. Several quests in this game require you to either solve a puzzle or riddle to progress through it. At first, this may sound exciting but can also easily turn into a headache. One of these riddles you encounter is during a quest called Open the Door, and the second one is especially hard. So, here’s the solution to the second riddle in Palia.

You will get some options regarding the answer to the riddle, so knowing the correct answer beforehand will help you out a lot. Thus, don’t worry about breaking your immersion as this is better than getting frustrated.

Keep reading to find out the solution to the second riddle in Palia to the Open the Door quest. The answer will satisfy you and you can finally finish this quest.

Palia solve the second riddle - how to open the door Character standing infront of a fountain

How to solve the second riddle in Palia

The answer to the second riddle is water. You will need to then travel to the central statue which was a fountain a long time ago in the middle of the town. There, you have to read the inscription on the statue. This is actually the third riddle.

If you are wondering what the answer to this third riddle is, well, it’s Pearl. Like literally, as you will need to find a pearl. You can find them inside Unopened Oysters found at the beach areas of Bahari Bay. Pearls are actually a pretty rare item. So, you will have to open a lot of unopened Oysters before you can find them.

Once you find it, talk to Jina. And Congratulations you have completed this quest. If you liked what you read, then please check out our other articles, such as Everspace 2 tips and tricks guide and How old do you have to be to play Fortnite?