How to get more housing slots in Palia - player holding a hoe to plot a field.

How to get more housing slots in Palia

To add more buildings and crafting stations to your plot, you’ll need to learn how to get more housing slots in Palia. After all, a bigger house will look significantly better and allow you to produce resources more efficiently.

Also, since it’s an MMORPG game, you’ll probably end up competing with your friends on who has the best-looking and most efficient house.

In this guide, I will explain how to get more housing slots in Palia and showcase how Writs work to help you get more of them.

How to get more housing slots in Palia - unlock housing slot expansion by using Writs.

How to expand land and get more housing slots in Palia

To get more housing slots in Palia, complete the “House, Sweet House” quest and visit the City Hall Store to purchase Writs.

To complete the “House, Sweet House” quest, place your home foundation and bring the necessary materials to complete it. Then, wait 8 real-life hours for the construction to complete and that’s all.

Now you’ll need to visit Kenyatta, who can be found in the City Hall building in the Town. This will unlock the Town Hall Store which sells house upgrades and Writs. Each Writ will cost 20 Renown and will allow you to add one more housing slot to your plot.

Additionally, you can buy housing upgrades from the City Hall Store. These include rooms and structures that will help turn your basic house into a luxury estate. Keep in mind that these will cost money and take a few real-life hours to complete afterwards.

To earn Renown in Palia, level up your skills, complete achievements, and progress with quests. They can be earned by playing the game, so don’t focus too much on them. If you’re out of Renown, prioritize progressing the main story and completing any quests that you can.

Now that you’ve bought some Writs, go back to your house. Open the housing menu (default hotkey: H), and select the housing slot you want to add. Then, click on that slot and you’ll be able to unlock it if you have a Writ available.

To sum up this guide, players can get more housing slots in Palia by building their first home and then visiting the City Hall Store to buy writs. Each Writ costs 20 Renown and allows you to unlock one extra housing slot. For more content, check out our Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous review and the list of the best Steam Next fest demos.

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