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Palia gardening guide – everything you need to know

Initially, Palia was heavily marketed toward the Farming Simulator community. And most Palia players already have a history of playing Stardew Valley. So, it makes total sense that Palia also has extensive farming mechanics that are very useful for earning a lot of gold. However, as there are numerous elements you need to master, here is an easy-to-understand Palia gardening guide. This will help you become an amazing farmer in the game.

Understanding how gardening in Palia works properly will give you a huge head start. You will know what type of crops you need to grow and how you can maximize your rewards. Farming is a great source of passive income in the game, and having some extra cash on hand is never a bad thing.

So, keep reading to find out about the Palia gardening guide. Refer to this guide whenever you face a problem during your farming sessions.

Farming in Palia Explained

Your farming journey will begin with Badruu. He is the main person you will have to go to when you need any kind of farming-related tools. So, you will get two soil patches from him and you can start farming.

Tiling your soil should be the first thing you should do. Equip a hoe and start tilling the soil in a 3×3 layout. Now, you need to sow some seeds. You can buy them from the general store and later from Badruu.

After sowing the seeds, you need to constantly keep watering them with the help of your watering can. You need to pour water on them until the bar on top of the seeds becomes totally blue.

Each new day starts at 6 a.m. This is the basic loop that you will need to follow to grow crops in the game. If you are now comfortable with this process, then let’s move on to understanding how the crops you decide to grow to determine your farm’s efficiency.

Understanding crops in Palia

Specific seeds that you decide to grow will have an impact on your entire farm. The following are the most important seeds that will yield maximum rewards for you:

  • Onion: Weed Prevention
  • Cotton: Quality Boost
  • Wheat: Harvest Boost
  • Rice: Harvest Boost
  • Apple: Growth Boost
  • Blueberry: Growth Boost
  • Tomato: Water Retain
  • Potato: Water Retain
  • Carrot: Weed Prevention

Now the above-mentioned list provides everything you need to know about how to best use each crop. Each of them comes with a useful trait and you can combine them to maximize your strategic farming layouts.

Maximizing rewards with the best farming layout in Palia

If you are looking to maximize the gold you can make with the crops you are growing, then you gotta start with a 3×3 layout in which Tomatoes are on the top and bottom edges, Potatoes in the middle of Tomatoes on the left, and right sides, Cotton in middle of the tomatoes on the top and bottom and finally Wheat in the middle.

This layout is a combination of all of the major booster crops and, this layout guarantees you a harvest full of star quality crops. But this is not where everything ends as you have to make sure to buy a Seed Collector from Badruu.

To make the Seed Collector you need Sapwood x16, Copper Bar x2, Ceramic x6, and Plant Fiber x10. Once you craft this you can turn the star quality crops into star quality seeds. This way, not only will you have unlimited access to free seeds, but you can also sell them for a greater amount of gold.

You can also preserve certain crops in a preserve jar and sell them for higher prices such as Apple or Blueberry. Keep upgrading your tools and buy fertilizers from Badruu and you will maximize everything on your farm in no time.

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