Lies of P Door Guardian cheese - how to defeat it Character getting ready to fight a giant boss

Lies of P Door Guardian cheese – how to defeat it

To cheese or not to cheese? This is the question you will ask yourself when you are fighting the Door Guardian. This boss battle is going to be annoying in an immense way, as his attacks can easily deal an unfair amount of damage. Thus, it is totally fine if you decide to use an exploitative strategy and cheese this entire battle. So, this article will provide you with the best way to cheese the Door Guardian fight in Lies of P.

You will encounter the Door Guardian during the final parts of this game. This makes this boss battle extra infuriating, as you have already spent a considerable amount of time progressing through this game. And now, because of this boss, all of your effort is going to waste.

Keep reading to find the best way to choose the Door Guardian boss fight in Lies of P.

Lies of P Door Guardian cheese - how to defeat it Character attacking a monster's leg

How to cheese Door Guardian Boss fight in Lies of P?

The best way to cheese this fight is by constantly attacking Door Gaurdian’s left or right leg. Choose a leg that you think you will be able to attack consistently, and then keep on doing combos on it. Whenever Door Guardian attacks you, just dodge towards him and then start attacking one of his legs again.

You will be really close to him, so keep on dodging and keep on attacking one of his legs. If you try to stomp with one of his legs, dodge and roll toward the other leg, which is on the ground.

So, if he stomps with his left foot, go to the right foot, and vice versa. When he starts rolling, try dodging. You don’t want to get hit by this particular attack. Have all the dodge upgrades, and if you are playing as a lightweight, then you will have more success performing this cheese.

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