Killer Frequency walkthrough - Office room

Killer Frequency walkthrough – save everyone in the game

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the eerie world of Killer Frequency? This intense adventure game puts you in the role of a radio host, tasked with saving the lives of numerous callers from the clutches of a dangerous serial killer known as the Whistling Man. With every decision you make, the fate of these characters hangs in the balance. In this Killer Frequency walkthrough guide, we will provide guidance to save everyone in the game. 

The decisions you will make during the phone call will ultimately decide the fate of every caller.

So, get ready for a heart-pounding experience as we reveal the secrets to achieving the ultimate goal: ensuring the survival of every caller with this Killer Frequency walkthrough guide.

How to save everyone in Killer Frequency

Below in this Killer Frequency walkthrough guide, you will find the answer to the choices that you need to make in order to save everyone in the game:

Caller 1 – Saving Deputy Martinez

The first caller you encounter in Killer Frequency is Leslie, who needs your help in rescuing Deputy Martinez. The choices you make during this crucial interaction will determine the outcome. Here’s a breakdown of the right choices to save Deputy Martinez:

  • Find another set of keys?
  • Check Sheriff Matthews?
  • Lock the doors!
  • Take a police cruiser!
  • Take the Sheriff’s Gun?
  • Can you see any other weapons?
  • Take the taser.

Listen carefully as Leslie provides updates and instructions. When prompted, choose the following options:

  • Leslie? What’s happening?
  • Drive!

By making the correct choices and acting swiftly, you can ensure the safety of Deputy Martinez and earn the “A Shocking Turn of Events” achievement.

Caller 2 – Prank Caller

Not every caller in Killer Frequency requires your assistance. Some may be pranksters or irrelevant to the main storyline. If you encounter a prank caller, simply ignore them and wait for the next caller who needs your help.

Caller 3 – Saving Sandra Sharpe

Sandra Sharpe is in grave danger and relies on your guidance to stay alive. Here are the choices you need to make to ensure Sandra’s safety:

  • Put the screwdriver into the ignition and twist clockwise.
  • Unscrew the steering column.
  • Do your jazz breathing. Don’t panic.
  • What’s the serial number on the steering column?
  • Strip and twist together the red and yellow wires.
  • Strip the purple wire and brush against the twisted wires.

By following these instructions, you can help Sandra escape the clutches of the Whistling Man and earn the “Keep Talking and Nobody Dies” achievement.

Caller 4 – Ponty’s Pizza

Some callers may not be in immediate danger or require your assistance. If you receive a call from Ponty’s Pizza or any other non-essential caller, you can simply proceed to the next relevant caller.

Caller 5 – Saving Maurice Russell

Maurice Russell reaches out to you for help from a dangerous situation. To ensure his survival, follow these steps:

  • Call the editor’s office.
  • Go to the kitchen.
  • Can you lock him in a room?
  • Use a radio?

After this conversation, wait for Maurice to call back. During the second part of the call, choose the following options:

  • Maurice, turn the volume down!
  • Call the board room.
  • I’m sure. Make the call.
  • I’ll impersonate Mr. Russell.
  • Hide in your cabinet.
  •  Don’t say anything. Let the timer run out. Peggy will let you know when it’s safe to speak. 

Caller 6 – Murphy. No need to do anything

Caller 7 – Saving Virginia Sullivan

Virginia Sullivan is in danger and requires your help. Follow these steps to ensure her safety:

  • Call a neighbor?
  • Don’t worry…

After completing some tasks for Peggy, Virginia will call back. Here’s what you need to choose during the second part of the conversation:

  • Call Ponty’s Pizza.
  • Garlic bread!

Wait for Peggy to connect you with Frat Man Plunker:

  • This is Forrest.
  • Play “The Flow” as requested by the Frat Dudes

By making the right choices, you can save Virginia Sullivan and earn the “Somebody Order a Savior?” achievement.

Caller 8 – Small Business Owner

This one can be safely ignored, it’s just there to further some plot and narrative.

Caller 9 – Saving Eugene Stine

After having a conversation with Eugene, head downstairs and obtain the map for the Maize Maze. When you reconnect with Eugene, you will discover that he is in a precarious situation, and your guidance will be crucial in ensuring his safety. Follow the below choices to give Eugene the best chance of survival:

  • Go left!
  • Go backwards!
  • Go left!
  • Go right!
  • Go right!

By choosing the correct paths, you can lead Eugene away from the Whistling Man and earn the “Child of the Corn Maize” achievement.

Caller 11 – Saving Murphy

Murphy needs your help, and you must act quickly to ensure his survival. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Call Katherine.
  • Katherine – Recycling!
  • Katherine, go to the crusher!
  • Henderson!

By following these steps, you can save Murphy and earn the “For Fernando!” achievement.

Caller 13 – Saving Carrie

Carrie is going through a difficult time and needs comfort and guidance. Go downstairs and get the friendship quiz. After doing that, talk to Peggy and initiate the next call. 

  • Heather.
  • Jennifer.
  • Hot David.
  • Lisa.
  • Chad.
  • Focus.

By providing the right support and advice, you can help Carrie navigate the dangers she faces.

2:40 AM – Saving Chuck Brody

Chuck Brody’s life is in danger, and you must act swiftly to save him. Follow these steps:

  • Chuck Brody.
  • The Gas Station.
  • RUN!

By guiding Chuck away from danger, you can ensure his survival and earn the “An Explosive Escape” achievement.

3:00 AM – Saving Roller Ricky and Jason

During this critical period, your actions can save the lives of Roller Ricky and Jason. During your conversation with Sandra, choose the following choices:

  • That sounds nice.
  • Are you keeping secrets?
  • You okay?
  • We know.
  • Sure.
  • Of course.

After these conversations, Dawn will call back, requesting your help with home alarm security codes. Be cautious and provide only the alarm test activation code to ensure Roller Ricky’s safety. Next, Casey will call and ask for your assistance with saving Jason. Follow these steps carefully:

  • How is Jason?
  • Don’t touch the knife.
  • We need to secure the knife.
  • Use the laundry.
  • Okay.
  • Any suggestions?

As the situation unfolds, you will need to find someone with first aid training. Talk to Peggy through the intercom, and she will guide you through the process of saving Jason’s life.

Saving Teddy, Forrest Nash, and Peggy

In the final part of Killer Frequency, you will have an intense conversation with the Whistling Man. To save Teddy Gallows Jr., Forrest Nash, and Peggy, choose the following options:

  • I’ll do it.
  • I can do that.
  • Be honest, Teddy.
  • Whistling night, right?
  • Did you ask Ricky?
  • Just a prank?
  • How did you feel?
  • Who was under the mask?
  • How do you know?
  • Then why the cover-up?
  • He wasn’t a blip.
  • Answer the question.
  • You’ve been through hell.
  • The School Gym!

After selecting the final response, it is important to retrieve the birthday card situated on Peggy’s desk and hold onto it throughout the rest of the conversation. Doing this will save everyone in the game.

We hope that this Killer Frequency walkthrough guide helped you save everyone in the game. If you’re looking for more help on this game, make sure to check out our guide on Killer Frequency Characters and Voice Actors and Killer Frequency endings explained and how to get them