Is Earth in Starfield? Characters standing on a cliff

Is Earth in Starfield?

Even though Starfield invites players into a fictional futuristic society of humans who have colonized multiple star systems and have created advanced spaceships that can travel from one planet to the other in just a matter of minutes, AI-infused robots and various devices that can currently only exist in the realm of science fiction, there are still several real planets from our reality that exist in the Settled Systems. Moreover, humans populate Starfield’s world, so it is totally sensible to ask: Is Earth in Starfield?

For many players, this might even be the primordial question when playing Starfield, as not only learning about the fate of our home planet in the future is a fascinating idea to explore, but it also comes with a lot of existential dread.

Keep reading to find the answer to the question: Is Earth in Starfield? Hopefully, this answer will satisfy your curiosity and give you a profound if not scary inevitable.

Is Earth in Starfield? Character analysing a planet

Does Earth exist in Starfield?

Yes, you can find Earth in Starfield. It is located in the Sol star system, and you can also visit your home planet in-game. Well, whatever is left of it. In Starfield’s world, Earth is now a dilapidated and hostile planet. The Blue Marble now looks more like a desert planet and there are no signs of life. According to the game’s lore, Earth has been uninhabitable since 2203 and humans used the Grav Drive technology to leave this planet behind.

You can even land on Earth and explore it. You will discover several destroyed but still recognizable landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Burj Khalifa, the Great Pyramids of Giza, etc.

The end of Earth in Starfield is indeed fictional, but it will become an inevitable reality at some point. So, when you walk through the shell of our former home, you will become aware of your own fragility and witness a glimpse of a horrifying future.

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