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Influence the voters Goat Simulator 3 – how to do it

Do you like goats? Do you like simulators? We can’t quite believe the Goat Simulator series has made it to three instalments but we’re happy about it. Playing the wacky animal game isn’t quite as straightforward as it might seem though, and that’s why we’re here to talk about how to influence the voters in Goat Simulator 3 to give you some tips.

Even if you manage to find the quest location and head there, in true simulator style you’re not filled in with much information on the best way to complete the task of how to influence the voters in Goat Simulator 3 – but fear not.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know on locating the quest and completing it once you make it there so you can become the next goat president. That’s a sentence we never thought we’d say.

How to influence the voters in Goat Simulator 3

First, you need to begin the Run For President quest in the Port of San Angora. Once you reach the location, the presidential election will begin and, surprise, you are one of the candidates. You are represented by the colour blue.

To influence the voters and win the Goat Simulator 3 election, you have to grab passers-by and pull them into the blue voting booth. You will see a blue bar on stage that represents how many votes you have accrued, so all you need to do is keep grabbing people in the nearby area and pulling them into the blue ballot box until you fill the blue bar to win.

That’s how you win over the voters in the Run For President quest of Goat Simulator 3. If you’re playing the wacky goat game and want more tips and tricks, check out our Goat Simulator 3 Pay Respects guide for the latest info on completing the quest. You can also see our High on Life full walkthrough of all the guides we’ve written on the game for more chuckles.