House Flipper 2 towels - placing a towel on the oven bar.

House Flipper 2 towels – how to place them

Are you trying to buy and place towels in House Flipper 2? Let’s go through everything you need to know to decorate your home. While cleaning houses, you’ll often spot towels on the ground. However, you’ll notice that you can’t place them anywhere as they should be hanging from somewhere. Similarly, if you decide to buy a towel for your home, you won’t be able to place it anywhere you want. Here’s what you have to do.

House Flipper 2 towel - buying the Roseflinch towel from the store.

How to place towels in House Flipper 2.

To place towels in House Flipper 2, you must locate or buy an oven and place them on its bar or buy a Towel Hanger from the store. These two spots are the only locations where you can place towels at the moment.

Usually, most houses will have an oven in the kitchen, so you can place the towel there without having to buy anything. However, if you need to buy something, the Towel Hanger is fairly cheap.

Also, there’s only one towel available in the store. Thankfully, you can change its style if you want. Use the House Flipper tool, press ‘R’, and select the ‘change style’ option. From there, you’ll be able to change the color and pattern of the towel.

To summarize, you can place towels in House Flipper 2 on the oven bar or on a towel hanger. You can’t place them anywhere else at the moment. Also, there’s only one towel available at the store, but you can change its style with the House Flipper 2 if you want. For more similar content, make sure also to check out our guides on whether you can move stairs in House Flipper 2 and how to sell houses. If you’re looking to try a different game, here’s how to save the baby whale in Dave the Diver.

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