Hogwarts Legacy house sorting flying on a beast

Hogwarts Legacy house sorting – how to choose

Finally, fans of the adventures of the little wizard can sleep easily knowing there will be a new game, available next year, with lots of stuff to do and to check out. We surely would like to have some free time to check it out, but we – along with others – are wondering about Hogwarts Legacy house sorting. How does it work? When can you do it?

While we don’t really have all the details about the game yet, we know that the decision to join a house at the start of the game will be pretty important. Clearly, that decision will impact our skills and the stories we will see in Hogwarts Legacy.

Let us then take a look at how to save some time in deciding which house you want to join and what you can do right now to kickstart Hogwarts Legacy house sorting before you even play the game.

How to choose your Hogwarts Legacy House

Once you provide your initial response to the sorting hat upon arriving at Hogwarts, you will be prompted to discover what the Sorting Hat perceives within you. You will be presented with four choices, each representing a distinct house. To be sorted into Gryffindor, select “Daring.” For Slytherin, choose “Ambition.” Opt for “Loyalty” to be sorted into Hufflepuff, and pick “Curiosity” for Ravenclaw.

How to sort your house in Hogwarts Legacy outside of the game

There are a few steps to take in order to do house sorting in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Create an account in Wizarding World, if you already have one just log in.
  • Once logged in to your account, you can already complete a couple of quizzes: Want Ceremony and Sorting Ceremony.
  • With both completed, by pushing the copy button you will receive an 8-digit code which correspond to your choices and data.
  • With the code, go to the WB Games website, create an account if you don’t have one yet or just log in. Once logged in, the website should ask for your 8-digit code, insert it and voilà: the two accounts are now linked.

Doing this will also grant you a couple of bonuses: a beaked skull mask and a house school robe. So why wait, it’s free and grants you the possibility to choose a house right away!

While you choose your house, you can start wizarding away, you might want to check out our other guides about Hogwarts Legacy, like where to get fluxweed seeds.