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God of War Ragnarok Kvasir poems – all locations and lore

Nowadays, it is pretty common to have collectables in a game. A lot of developers add these to their games just as another thing that you can do but only some take their fair time to incorporate these collectables into the game with a meaning behind every one of them. This is exactly the case with the God of War Ragnarok Kvasir poems. There are a total of 14 poems present throughout the game and each one of them has an interesting story to it.

These poems are really incredible due to their hidden meaning and players are always looking forward to deciphering such things. All of the 14 Kvasir poems allude to different PlayStation games that they have released over the years. This makes finding these poems that much more interesting and intriguing. These poems are really detailed and contain references to some of the best PlayStation Games.

Some of them are a bit hard to find in the first go-through, so we have made a guide for you. Using this guide, you can easily find all of the God of War Ragnarok Kvasir poems without any trouble.

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir poems, their locations, and what they mean

There are many Kvasir poems to find in God of War Ragnarok. Below, you’ll find their locations as well as their names and what lore they refer to. There are easter eggs galore in this one. The God of War Ragnarok Kvasir poems are:

1st Poem – The Sunrise of Nothingness

Location: Svartalfheim – Aurvangar Wetlands

When you are using the water wheels to remove the walls blocking the river, this is when you come across this poem. After you’ve risen to a higher level through the metal block, you will find this poem present on top of a table. It is glowing beside the red coffin and is easy to spot.

This poem is a reference to Aloy who is the main character in Horizon Zero Dawn.

2nd Poem – Large Society Ground Orb, The Performance

Location: Svartalfheim – Nidavellir

You can find this poem in the Nidavellir Docks. It is right next to the place where you dock your boat and is essentially a bigger dock. There is a green Soundstone wall blocking the dock, so you will need Sonic Arrows. You can talk to Sindri if you don’t have these arrows yet. After the wall is destroyed, you can pick up the artifact from under the blue shelter.

This poem is a reference to MLB: The Show and depicts a baseball story.

3rd Poem – We Who Remain, Part the Second

Location: Svartalfheim – Lyngbakr Island

You can find this poem on the back side of Lyngbakr Island. Firstly, you need to go to the docks that you used earlier and climb up the wall. After climbing the wall, make a left turn and go through the gaps. Go around the corner and climb up the golden chain present on the right wall. You need to use the handholds to climb up the big wall. After reaching the top, go through the gaps and you will find the artifact next to the dead dwarf.

This is a poetic reference to Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II.

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4th Poem – Tool and Bang

Location: Svartalfheim – Jarnsmida Pitmines

For finding this artifact, you need to go to the Jarnsmida Pitmines area. You need to stand with your face towards the cart and take a u-turn to the right side. There will be a pillar present there with gold segments. Using your Blades of Chaos, you need to turn it until you see a crate holding a stone block move toward you. Upon seeing this, you need to destroy the rocks by using the explosive pot present on your left side. This will allow you to climb up the block on the crate.

From there, you need to throw the Leviathan Axe on the same pillar. This will block the water and move you into the crane’s original position. Once it is back in its spot, you can hang from the side of the stone and jump to the new area. Follow the mine tracks until you come across the artifact.

This poem is a reference to the Rachet and Clank series.

5th Poem – Afterlife Abandonment

Location: Alfheim – The Strond

You need to stand in the doorway while facing forward. There is a ledge a bit ahead that you need to drop down. Then head to the left side, clearing the debris in your way and fighting the two Wretches. You will come across the artifact beside a legendary chest.

This poem is a reference to the thought-provoking game Death Stranding.

6th Poem – Visions After Reset

Location: Alfheim – Temple of Light

You have to go through a long staircase in the Temple of Light that leads to a light door. But in order to lower the door, you need to head right and to the ledge. After reaching there, go left onto the balcony. You will then need to throw your axe at the Twilight Stone, thus destroying the crystal. The 6th poem is present on this balcony.

This poem is a reference to the excellent PlayStation game, Dreams, in which you can literally do anything.

7th Poem – Spirits Within Walls

Location: Alfheim – Temple of Light

This poem is also present in the Temple of Light. At a point, you need to use a wheel for lowering the Twilight Stone into a light crystal, and then you are swarmed by Nightmares. After getting rid of them, you have to stand in the doorway. While facing forward, there is a room on your left where you can find the poem.

This is a reference to a 2019 game known as Concrete Genie and how beautiful it was.

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8th Poem – Celestial Construct

Location: Alfheim – The Barrens

You can find the 8th poem inside the Giant Skeleton in the Barrens area. Enter the mouth and go up using the wall. After going through it, you will face to face a lot of enemies. After defeating them, on the east side of the room, there is a wall that you can use to climb up. You will find a legendary chest with the artifact sitting beside it.

This poem is a reference to the game Astro’s Playroom that comes pre-installed on every PS5.

9th Poem – Upon Pursuing a Place Not Marked on Maps

Location: Vanaheim – The Southern Wilds

You have to go to the back side of the marketplace and go to the upper walkway by climbing up. Then you have to two left turns and you will come across a couple of wooden walkways. In the end, you need to jump to the left side through the gap. Continue moving forward, knock down the shield on the left side and drop down to the ground and collect your artifact.

This is a reference to the Uncharted series, which is one of the most beloved PlayStation series.

10th Poem – Trip

Location: Alfheim – The Forbidden Sands

In order to get this poem, you first need to complete The Reckoning which is the main quest. At the entrance of The Forbidden Sands, you need to head to the northeast side under the rock. You will see an elven tower on the right side, climb the tower and claim the poem.

This poem is a reference to Sony’s 2012 game Journey which was critically acclaimed worldwide.

11th Poem – Eastern Specter

Location: Vanaheim – The Sinkholes

After completing the Creatures of Prophecy which is the main quest, you can claim this artifact. There is a wall next to the gateway right at the entrance. You need to go through the tunnels, kill the Crag Jaw and go to the north-western corner. There you will find a Red Fungi Bramble blocking the path. Use Blazing Surge and Hex Bubble combo to destroy it. After going through the gap, head left, move up the stairs and there’s the artifact.

This is a reference to another amazing PS Exclusive Ghost of Tsushima.

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12th Poem – An Organization: In The Future

Location: Vanaheim – The Jungle

You can claim this artifact in the nighttime only and you can change the daytime through a Celestial Altar. Head to the south side of the altar and then you need to cross over to the other side. But how you reach the other side varies.

If you haven’t released the dam yet, then you need to use the rock bridge to cross over and you need to do it at night time.

If the dam is released, then simply use a boat to cross over. You don’t need to come at night time and thus can be easily done during the day too. After getting to the other side, go through the tunnels, and climb the wall on the left. Once across, you will find the artifact on the back right side.

This is a reference to the technologically advanced battles in the PS4 exclusive The Order 1886. It had cinema-level graphics and looked like a movie.

13th Poem – Sanguinity

Location: Svartalfheim – The Applecore

To get this artifact, you need to complete the quest, The Applecore in Svartalfheim. After completing this quest, you need to return to Applecore. For doing so, take the ferry to the Sverd Sands in the northwest. You will find an elevator that’ll take you back to Applecore. You then have to create a shortcut using the Rope Frame. Go through the zipline and continue walking north through the tunnel.

After taking the corner, you need to climb up the wall using the newly found equipment in the main quest. You will see a boulder at the top that you have to destroy and the artifact will be present in front of you.

This poem is a reference to the highly regarded Bloodborne which is still considered by some as the best game of 2015.

14th Poem – The Dead Do Not Ride

Location: Midgard – The Oarsmen

This artifact is present inside a Giant’s boat. You can’t just go inside but need to climb back up and kill the Stalker. Then you need to pull the chain to move the boat, come down and open the gate to the starting area. There is a wall on the left side of the chest, climb up to the top and you will find the artifact alongside a coffin.

This is a reference to the game Days Gone and the use of motorcycles.  

All of these Kvasir Poems in God of War Ragnarok are really great easter eggs that make exploring the game more enjoyable. These poems pay homage to some of the best PlayStation games. Sony has made games that refer to each other but not in a poetic way. So, the poetry of the Kvasir Poems is what makes them so special and worthwhile for PlayStation fans.

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