AC Mirage Observatory Tale of Baghdad - how to find 3 pages Character standing on a ledge

AC Mirage Observatory Tale of Baghdad – how to find 3 pages

At the observatory, located in Abbasiyah, you will find an NPC called Al-Mahani, who is an aging scholar, and by talking to him, you will trigger the Tale of Baghdad side quest. This quest will require you to find three pages of his life’s work. However, if you are having trouble finding these three pages, this article will provide a guide for the Tale of Baghdad in AC Mirage.

This quest may sound complicated as the pages are not visually eclectic items and you can easily miss them. Furthermore, you will have to do a little parkour to get them. So, get ready to jump around.

Keep reading to find out how you can complete the Tale of Baghdad in AC Mirage.

AC Mirage Observatory Tale of Baghdad - how to find 3 pages Character about to throw knife

Where are all the three pages in Assassin’s Creed Mirage?

Follow the steps below to find all three pages; they will be in and around the Observatory area:

  • First Page: Go to the back of the Observatory; there should be a movable shelf that you can push near a window. Then, climb up on the shelf, and then use your eagle vision while aiming your throwing knife at the window. You will be able to see a lock on the door to this room. Throw your knife through the window and hit the lock to unlock this room. Then go inside the Observatory, through the door near where Al-Mahani is sitting. Walk upstairs, and you will find the page on a table.
  • Second Page: From the room where you found the first page, go downstairs and walk outside. Just on the right side of the entrance door, there will be some climbable objects. Use them to jump towards the red rug that will be in front of you. You will see the second page flying in the wind. Follow it and keep performing sick parkour moves till it drops to the ground.
  • Third Page: Climb to the top of the Observatory. You will find the page on a table on the roof of this building.

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