Don't Starve Together base locations - the best ones Characters running away

Don’t Starve Together base locations – the best ones

Don’t Starve Together is a great title if you want to showcase your survival skills. Plus, you can play with friends and test each other’s patience and intelligence. But, how about you let us make your life a little bit easier? We will provide you with the Don’t Starve Together best base locations.

Along with patience, you will need someone who is not afraid. Considering this game’s art style and atmosphere are pretty disturbing and bleak. We’d say the gameplay is truly not for the faint-hearted.

Knowing where the bases are can help during heated moments with your co-op partners, as you can both come out of a dangerous situation alive. So, let’s not wait any longer, read on and find out about the Don’t Starve Together best base locations.

Don't Starve Together base locations - the best ones Character working on their base

Best locations to make your base in Don’t Starve Together

Having great base locations is important for planning ahead. Make sure that you are nearby resources, and are protected from monsters and harsh climate conditions. So, the following are all of the best base locations you can choose from:

  • Forest Biome: a lot of trees, boulders, and spider dens
  • Savannas Biome: Huge number of rabbit burrows and Grass Tufts
  • Rockyland Biome: Gold veins, Grass Gekkos, Glaciers, and Tall birds are found here.
  • Swamp Biome: Best for advanced players as this area is filled with Silk, Reed plants, and Tentacles spikes.
  • Grasslands Biome: Beehives, Moleworms, Green Ponds, and Flowers are situated in this biome.
  • Deciduous Forests Biome: You can find the Pig King, Wormholes, Glommer Statues, and Sinkholes.
  • Dragonfly Desert Biome: You can find Cacti which is an amazing food resource and Spiky bushes/trees.
  • Oasis Desert Biome: You can find Valt Goats, Cacti, Tumbleweeds, Lake, Antlion, and many more useful stuff.

However, this is still a survival game. You need to keep in mind that your surroundings will always try to kill you. For example, Dragonfly Desert is a great place to make a base. Being rich, you don’t want to ever worry about having low food resources. But it is still filled with very dangerous Magma Ponds all around you.

These ponds can easily kill you if you fall into them. Also, if a Tumbleweeds gets caught on fire and rolls towards your base, it can burn everything to a cinder. Finding a perfect base is hard, we know. We would recommend to keep your guard up and make sure you are safe. Always look around and nothing will happen to you.

These were all of the best base locations currently present in the game. If this guide was helpful, then please check out our other articles such as The Sims 4 Style Influencer career guide and Killer Frequency – who is the Whistling Man?