Depth Strider Minecraft - using the enchantment underwater

Depth Strider Minecraft – the enchantment explained

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Minecraft is a video game that everyone and their grandmas are playing. Explore a huge world, mine resources, and build things with different types of blocks. It features several interesting game modes: survival mode, creative mode, and adventure mode. In this guide, we will take you through the enchantment Depth Strider Minecraft.

One thing that makes Minecraft special is its enchantment system. You can make everything a little big stronger and “personal”: weapons, tools, and armor. There are many enchantments you can get in the game, and each one makes things different. 

So, let’s find out more about the Depth Strider Minecraft!

Minecraft – what is the Depth Strider and what does it do?

Minecraft offers players many little and unique ways to enhance their gameplay experience and explore the world in new ways. Depth Strider is an enchantment in Minecraft that helps players swim faster underwater. This is a great little item to have in hand as you might need to make a quick escape.

However, a downside is that you can apply it only to your boots. It has a maximum level of three. With each level, the player’s speed in the water increases by one-third. This enchantment is useful for players exploring the ocean, finding ocean monuments, and fighting drowned zombies.

To obtain Depth Strider, you can find it in an enchanted book or on an enchantment table. However, you might need to do some searching or trading with villagers.

Overall, Depth Strider can be a valuable tool for underwater exploration. However, note that it only affects the player’s boots and not other armor pieces. It also doesn’t work in water less than two blocks deep. 

That concludes our guide on Depth Strider in Minecraft. If you’re looking for more Minecraft guides, here’s How to get eyes of ender in Minecraft Dungeons and how to get and use the Entity Wizard