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Dead Island 2 legendary weapons – how to get them all

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Dead Island 2 has some really cool weapons that you can unlock by completing different quests. In this guide, we will take you through how to get all the Dead Island 2 legendary weapons.

While the regular options are great for your zombie-killing adventures, the legendary ones are bound to be the best. Players are scouring the game to get their hands on these elusive weapons, and so should you.

Let’s find out how to get all Dead Island 2 legendary weapons!

How to get all the most powerful weapons in Dead Island 2 

There are overall six of these very powerful weapons in the game, they will be a great help to slay those hungry zombies. Here is how to get all legendary weapons in Dead Island 2:

  • Emma’s Wrath: A sledgehammer that doubles as a shotgun. You get it for completing the Hollywood Ending quest.
  • Big Shot: A revolver that fires three bullets that explode. You get it for completing the It’s Not Your Fault side quest.
  • Blood Rage: A knife that rewards critical hits with extra damage and bleeding. You get it by completing the Lost and Found Fool’s Gold side quest.
  • The Brutalizer: A machete that you get for completing the Body Art side quest. It’s super sharp and great for slicing through zombies.
  • The One: A claymore sword that explodes when you chop off zombie heads, regaining health and stamina. You get it for completing the Beacon of Hope quest.
  • Bodycount: An assault rifle that inflicts serious bleed damage on enemies. You get it for completing the Lost and Found quest [REDACTED].

Unlocking these weapons will make your zombie-killing experience even more exciting! Now you know how to get all the legendaries in Dead Island 2. Looking for more guides? Find out what the max level or level cap is and where to find the laundry room key location