Dead by Daylight - Gabriel Soma build Character turning around

Dead by Daylight – Gabriel Soma build

Gabriel Soma in Dead by Daylight is one of the newest survivors, and players have already started making him their main. He is a character that feels straight out of a science fiction movie, and his perks are some of the best perks available in the game. So, let’s look at the loadout you should have to create the best build for Gabriel Soma in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight - Gabriel Soma Character looking at a red shelter

Best loadout for Gabriel Soma in Dead by Daylight

When it comes to his main perks, use Made For This, Overcome, Hope, and Resilience. If you want to understand this build in a little more detail, have a look at the table below:

OfferingPetrified Oak — Calms The Entity and Slightly increases the distance between sacrificial hooks appearing in the world.
Made For this (Gabriel Soma Perk) — this perk gets activated when you in the injured state, and you will be able to run 3% faster, and after you heal another survivor, you will gain the endurance status effect for 10 seconds

Overcome (Jonah Vasquez Perk) — When you are injured, you retain the movement speed bonus for 2 seconds longer. And it will cause the Exhausted status effect for 40 seconds.

Hope (General Perk) —  As soon as the exit gates are powered you gain a 7% Haste Status effect.

Resilience (General Perk) — Your healing, repairing, cleansing and vaulting speeds are increased when you are injured.

These are all the things you need to have for Gabriel Soma in Dead by Daylight. Of course, you can change certain perks and replace them with perks that suit your playstyle.

If you are still having trouble playing as a survivor, you can always try a killer build such as the Alien build in Dead by Daylight.