Blasphemous 2 Yerma quest - heading to the Sacred Entombments area

Blasphemous 2 Yerma quest – how to complete it

Yerma is an enigmatic character you’ll encounter during your journey through Blasphemous 2. As you explore the dark and haunting world of Cvstodia, Yerma’s questline will unfold, offering you the opportunity to aid her in her own personal journey. This guide will provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough of the Blasphemous 2 Yerma quest.

Yerma’s questline is a captivating journey that offers unique rewards and insights into her enigmatic character. 

If you want to know how to complete the Blasphemous 2 Yerma quest, read on.

How to complete the Yerma Quest in Blasphemous 2

Meeting 1

Your first encounter with Yerma takes place in the Profundo Lamento area. As you navigate through this treacherous region, you’ll come across a room where a formidable swordsman awaits. However, if you happen to die during your first attempt at facing him, don’t worry. Upon your return, the swordsman will be gone, and Yerma will appear in his place.

Take the opportunity to speak with Yerma and get a glimpse into her mysterious past. During this conversation, she will introduce you to the Steely Battle Lance, a key item that unlocks new skills on your weapon skill trees through the use of Marks of Martyrdom. Yerma will then move on, leaving you to continue your journey.

Meeting 2

In the Sacred Entombments area, you’ll have your second encounter with Yerma. As you approach the entrance to the Great Preceptor Radames boss arena, you’ll find Yerma waiting for you. Engage in conversation with her, and she will delve deeper into her own story. Pay attention to her questions, and make sure to answer “Yes” to both. By doing so, you’ll secure her aid during the upcoming boss fight against Radames.

Meeting 3

As you progress through the dark depths of Cvstodia, you’ll eventually find yourself in the Beneath Her Sacred Grounds area. At the bottom of this eerie location, near the Afilaor boss arena, Yerma awaits. Approach her and allow her to share more details about her past. When she offers to join you in your next confrontation, don’t hesitate to accept her assistance. Yerma’s aid can prove invaluable, particularly during the challenging battle against Afilaor.

Meeting 4

The final step in Yerma’s quest is the most challenging one. You’ll encounter her in the Two Moons area, next to the sealed door leading to the Svsona, Formosa Fembra boss arena. This is where Yerma will request your help in finding Holy Oil to anoint her spear for the impending battle. The Holy Oil is not easily found, but with perseverance, you can locate it in the Elevated Temples area.

To acquire the Holy Oil, make your way to the leftmost Prie Dieu in the Elevated Temples. Descend two floors and head to the right. Here, you’ll come across a chasm that requires the Scions’ Protection ability to cross. Use the ability and proceed to find the Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointment, a key item that Yerma desperately needs. Return to Yerma in Two Moons, present her with the Holy Oil, and confirm your willingness to fight alongside her once again.


Once you’ve defeated Svsona with Yerma’s assistance, she will appear in the boss arena. Take the opportunity to speak with her once more, as she shares the final section of her captivating tale. As a token of her gratitude, Yerma will bestow upon you the Zejel of the Cruelest Thorn Prayer. This powerful Quick Verse enables you to create a barrier of thorns that inflicts Miasma damage upon your enemies.

With Yerma’s questline complete, she becomes not only an interesting character to follow but also a valuable ally in challenging boss fights. Her assistance and the Prayer she imparts to you are invaluable assets that can greatly enhance your Blasphemous 2 playthrough.

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