A Hole Lotta Work Palia – how to complete the quest Character sticking their tongue out

A Hole Lotta Work Palia – how to complete the quest

Quests in Palia can range from gliding over ancient ruins to fixing someone’s backyard. This diversity is something that makes Palia pretty special. But even the simplest quest can become frustrating the moment you encounter a bug or a glitch. Palia is a game that is being polished every day, so discovering problems like that is inevitable. Fortunately, developers are always in touch with their community, and they are very active when it comes to fixing these issues. A Hole Lotta Work quest in Palia was suffering from a game-breaking bug that has just been fixed, so here’s how you can finally complete this quest.

This is a very straight-forward quest to complete, however, due to a glitch that was making players’ games crash, it was becoming a nightmare to complete. Thankfully, now you can smoothly play through it without any problem.

Keep reading to find out how you can complete the A Hole Lotta Work quest in Palia. Let’s get those exp points.

A Hole Lotta Work Palia – how to complete the quest Character fixing a garden

How to complete A Hole Lotta Work quest in Palia?

You can start this quest by talking to Kenli after reaching Friendship Level 2 with Tau. He will tell you that Tau has destroyed the flowerbeds in the garden of the Mayor’s mansion, and he really needs your help. From there onwards, your main objective is going to be fixing the flowerbed. To do that, you will need the following items:

  • Ceramic (5)
  • Sundrop Lily (5)

You can get the Ceramics by talking to Hassian, and he will basically “apologize” for the mess Tau has made and will give you all five of the Ceramics needed. Now, to get the Sundrop Lily, you will have to go and explore Leafhopper Hills and the Fisherman’s Lagoon in Kilima Village, or Hideaway Bluffs and the Pulsewater Plains in Bahari Bay to find them.

They are pretty common, so don’t stress out. Once you collect these items, go to the Mayor’s mansion and enter the garden. Start interacting with the huge mounds and start fixing them. After you do this, go back to Kenli and tell him that you have solved the problem. He will thank you and then let you know that he has seen Tau going to your house, and you should get there before Tau starts digging holes in your housing plot.

When you go back home, instead of holes, Tau will reward you with a gift. Open up the gift and you will get Purple Spinning Firework (10) and your relationship will be improved with Tau. Talk to Tau again, and you will have successfully completed this quest.

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