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How To Get Lashing In Stranded Deep

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Stranded Deep is an indie survival game where you need to make it out alive on the Pacific Ocean. There are many resources that you can get which can help you, so we have a guide for one of them. Here’s how to get Lashing in Stranded Deep.

With the help of resources, you will be able to make useful items through the crafting mechanism of Stranded Deep. If you are wondering what lashing is, it is nothing more than a bundle of rope, which is one of the most used materials in the game. 

If you are having trouble surviving the harsh environment in this survival game which leaves you stranded on an island, this guide might definitely help you. Let’s find out how you can get lashing in Stranded Deep.

Where To Find Lashing In Stranded Deep

The first thing that you need in order to collect lashing is a stone tool. This is used to cut the base form of Lashing, which are Fibrous Leaves. You can make a stone tool by picking up a stone on the ground, and opening your crafting menu. There is an option to make a stone tool, such as a knife.

Next, you need to find Fibrous Leaves. For this, look for some trees such as small palm trees or yucca. They are usually found in the jungle. Use the knife to cut leaves from the tree. You need four Fibrous Leaves to craft one Lashing. 

Once you have four leaves, open the crafting menu. Now, you will be able to craft a Lashing with the leaves. You can make as many as you want by collecting more leaves. Trees will regrow, so you can make unlimited Lashings. Later in the game, you can even plant these trees on a farm to get more Fibrous Leaves. 

Additionally, you will be able to collect Lashings from randomly spawning crates around the map. We hope that this guide helped you to get Lashing in Stranded Deep. You can check out our other guides on the game such as how to get Buoy Balls.