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5 Best Tech Skills in Starfield

Starfield, the highly anticipated space exploration game, offers players a wide array of skills to unlock and utilize. Among the various branches of skills available, the Tech skills stand out as the most useful. In this guide, we will delve into the top 5 tech skills in Starfield that you should definitely consider prioritizing.

Whether you are just starting out, halfway through the game, or nearing the end, investing in the right tech skills can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. 

Read on to find out 5 tech skills in Starfield that every player should consider.

5 Best Tech Skills in Starfield

The top 5 tech skills in Starfield are security, piloting, shield systems, payloads and targeting control systems. Let’s look at them in detail:


In Starfield, encounters with locked doors, chests, and computer systems are commonplace. To overcome these obstacles and access valuable resources, investing in Security skills is essential. This skill allows you to pick locks and hack into computer systems, opening up new possibilities and rewarding exploration.

With higher levels of Security, you’ll be able to unlock more complex locks and gain access to restricted areas, increasing your chances of finding valuable loot and hidden secrets. Additionally, some quests and missions may require a certain level of Security to progress, making this skill indispensable for advancing the storyline.


Mastering the art of piloting your spacecraft is crucial in Starfield, as you’ll be spending a significant amount of time traversing the vast expanse of space. The Piloting skill tree offers a range of abilities that can greatly enhance your navigation and maneuverability in the game.

At the initial rank, Piloting allows you to activate thrusters and pilot your ship at a faster pace, enabling you to reach your destinations swiftly. As you progress and invest more points into this skill, you’ll notice improvements in maneuverability, making it easier to pilot Class B and Class C ships.

Enhancing your Piloting skill not only provides practical benefits but also adds to the immersion and realism of the game. As you become more proficient in piloting, you’ll feel a greater sense of control and mastery over your spacecraft, leading to a more immersive gaming experience.

Shield Systems

Engaging in space battles is an exhilarating aspect of Starfield, but it’s crucial to protect your spacecraft from incoming damage. The Shield Systems skill tree focuses on enhancing your ship’s defensive capabilities, allowing you to withstand enemy attacks and prolong your survival in combat.

Investing in Shield Systems boosts your ship’s damage resistance and increases its shield capacity. As you progress through the ranks, your ship’s shields become more robust, offering better protection against enemy fire. At the maximum level, your ship will be able to withstand 100% of incoming damage, giving you a significant advantage in intense battles.


For players who enjoy hoarding resources and collecting valuable items, the Payloads skill is a must-have. This skill focuses on increasing the cargo capacity of your ship. This allows you to carry more loot, supplies, and valuable artifacts during your interstellar adventures.

Investing points into the Payloads skill tree gradually increases your ship’s cargo capacity. It will provide you with ample space to store your prized possessions. At the highest level, your cargo capacity will be boosted by an impressive 50%. This enables you to gather even more valuable items without the need for constant inventory management.

Targeting Control Systems

To excel in offensive combat scenarios, honing your Targeting Control Systems skill is crucial. This skill enables you to lock onto enemy ships more efficiently and deal critical damage to their vulnerable components. As you invest points into this skill tree, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your targeting speed and accuracy.

Locking onto enemy ships quickly allows you to unleash devastating attacks, increasing your overall damage output. By prioritizing this skill, you’ll gain a tactical advantage in combat, as you can efficiently disable enemy vessels and exploit their weaknesses.

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